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Fifty Shades of Grey

Whoopedy whoop! I went out and about recently, to seek public opinion on the subject of grey hair.  No holds barred!

Today, I’d like to share a short video with you.  It’s a small cross section of the public talking through their feelings about women ‘going grey.’

These are the people I stopped to chat with, in order of their appearance in the video: (Thanks to you all, for agreeing to go public on the blog with me. Much appreciated.)

Angela: 42

Alma: 20’s

Stuart: Retired

Kevin: 55

I was using my iPhone and hadn’t planned to stay out so long, but in truth, it took a while longer to find men who were willing to be interviewed than it did women, so it was dusk when I met Kevin, hence the moody lighting!

My Recent Absence

I experienced a hiccup two weeks ago.  After a ‘big event’ on the Tuesday (more of that soon – wooooo!) I received a recall letter the next morning, following an initial breast screening.

Of course, I did try to keep it in perspective.  Inevitably, I guess, it still managed to throw me off balance until the return visit (I needed a biopsy) and results a few days later (very fortunately, not cancer).

It turned out to be a fibroadenoma – a harmless lump of fibrous breast tissue that isn’t able to turn to cancer.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I wasn’t checking myself for lumps or changes.  I’m 51 and should have been! Mind you, the staff member who carried out the biopsy – her daily work for the past 10 years – said she had even considered not going for her own recent mammogram and doesn’t check herself as regularly as she should.  As she generously pointed out, we’re all human.

Happily, straight after my results came in, my family arrived for their booked visit and stayed for a couple of days.  Good food, a couple of cheeky glasses of wine, some heart to heart chat and lots of laughs and hugs .. and all was right with the world again.

Fifty Shades of Grey


I’ve been working my way through lots of content and have a fair bit to share with you about my ‘Transition to Silver.’  As promised, we’ll return to food as soon as we’re up to speed.  I know there a good few who are following my hair adventure!  I’ll keep it as brief as I can. 🙂

So let’s visit the video.  It’s just 7 minutes long.  Grab yourself a coffee/tea/juice and see what some of the public had to say about the subject of women going grey!



See you tomorrow, when the story starts to ramp up a gear.  As I said .. a lot has been happening! 😉

Are you ready to join me on the adventure yet? Hehehehe.

Please share your thoughts below …

Toodle-Oo for now!

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Morena says

This is such an interesting issue! I feel that there are two kind of women, the one who really like having their hairs dyed and the one that would rather have it grey but is scared of looking older than their age… Oh! There is of course a third kind: the one who allow themselves to be grey! I think I will be one of these! Thank you for open this discussion Sarah!

    Sarah Jackson says

    My pleasure Morena! It would be fab if some who read my story gain the confidence to follow the same route. Mine is mid way and I still have to see the real me and accept the massive change. Of course, if we never dye our hair we don’t have this drastic change to deal with. If I had my time again I wouldn’t dye at all.

Jennifer Lippe says

I think your video came out fabulous, funny too! It’s interesting to see how really scared people are of gray even just saying the word it’s as if everyone tenses up. I live in Maine as you know and I’m surrounded by lots of communities that are what we call crunchy(Homesteaders, earth friendly) I would be curious to do a interview like this amongst others especially where I’m only 35 and see what type of reaction I get. It’s something I wish people who just learn to embrace it!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Jen. I think it would be interesting for you to make a video too. I would kind of expect your local communities to be more accepting of grey hair, since they are more in touch with their food and the environment on a day to day basis. I wonder though?!

    I think it will take an awful lot to change people’s perceptions of grey hair. And it ain’t about to happen overnight! 😉

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