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A Fermenting Day with The Master

Today I must tell you about a very special guy.  His name is Sandor Katz and he is widely considered to be the world revivalist of Fermentation. He has written 3 books, all quite different, two of which I have, but have only just started dipping into.

I did however, attend a class of his a few weeks back.  And what a day it proved to be!

Shortly after I decided to launch my blog and devote my time to learning about fermentation, experimenting like crazy in my kitchen and creating recipes for the next year, I discovered Mr K was passing through The Big Smoke on this world tour.

It has to be admitted that I did arrive a tad early (is 2 hrs over keen? 😉 and arrived before the author and fermenting wizard himself.

After I’d offered him a raw sweet breakfast (some of my little specialities – for which he gave a generous compliment – aw, thanks Sandor).


The rest of the group began to arrive and soon we were paper deep in notes and, not long after, arm deep in vegetables and salt!

I took 40 pages of notes (most of which he covers in his books, but is always good to note down while you’re at an event and writing in your own hand) and we left with a lovely gift of miso (the one I’ve mentioned in a previous post) and also an amazing pot of vegetables.

Now … I’d been culturing my vegetables previously with powder starter cultures, but having seen the ease with which natural ferments are created, I had to try some myself and have been doing so ever since.

I believe that my beloved pickled cucumbers are going to need the powder still, as this helps to keep them crunchy and will, I believe, help them to last longer in the fridge … but I think you’re going to love the vegetable surprise I have for you today.

Don’t say I don’t spoil you rotten 😉

We talked about sourdough bread, yoghurt, kefir milk, vegetable and soy fermentation, meats and fish (briefly) and fermenting vessels and methods.

The wonderful thing about fermentation is that there are 1000’s of people culturing in different countries around the world, to their own recipes, often handed down from many previous generations, with secret ingredients and ways of going about it that no-one else will have tried or even know about. There are rules and then … there are no rules.  ‘They’ say that rules are made to be broken.  And in the case of fermentation, it couldn’t be more true.

I was in a leading high street kitchen store a few weeks ago and landed at the till for around 20 minutes discussing how the Indian manager’s wife makes yoghurt at home in Mill Hill, London.  Customers were stopping to listen to the ‘lesson’ they were getting free of charge, while they browsed for pots and pans!

So … here’s the group of lovelies I joined to listen, chop, stir and laugh with.  I know I’ll be meeting a good few of them again in future.

Making Miso




Onto the HUGE pile of Vegetables




 Two of the amazing Kitchen Team


A ridiculously Tasty and Ingenious Salad

(which I have to repeat Niall, after pinching your recipe and sharing it here sometime this year.  Oh, go on then, I’ll call and ask permission first 😉

(Niall added a twist to something I’ve been doing for years that I’d never have thought of and it transformed the leading vegetable in less than two minutes into a rich, palate teasing pleasure.  I salute you Sir!)


Now for today’s pièce de resistance …

I’ll post this recipe tomorrow …

Catch you soon!

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