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Fermented Vegetable Patè

Yesterday I posted a fermented vegetable recipe and today I’d like to share a quick, raw pate I created from the vegetables.


Gather Your Goodies


A spoonful of vegetables (or as much as you’d like to use!)

A little of the ferment juice (don’t go overboard, just a tad, to keep it juicy)

A bunch of raw sesame seeds (I tried it with toasted seeds too, but found it little rich, mixed with the strong veg flavours)


Cucumber – thickly cut slices

It’s Action Time!

Grind the seeds into a powdery consistency. If you don’t have a machine to do this, just wrap them in a tea towel (seal it well so they don’t shoot everywhere!) grab a rolling pin or heavy kitchen implement and bash them until they’re crushed.  They don’t need to be a powder.  If they’re in little pieces, you’ll just have a crunchier pate. 🙂

Pop the vegetables and ferment juice in your blender, or a puree attachment of a food processor.  Or even your main bowl.  Whatever you have, use! It will be fine.  The only difference will be the consistency of the pate.

Add enough a few nuts and pulse the machine. If the mixture it too wet, add nuts gradually and pulse the machine until the mixture firms into a pate.

If you add too many nuts at the mixture becomes too dry, just add a little more of the fermented vegetable water or some veg.  You can balance the pate as you pulse the machine, by adding more of any of the ingredients!

Be relaxed about it and make it your own.

(Again, if you don’t have a machine, just chop the veg very very finely, mix in a bowl with a spoon. add the crushed nuts and mix again.)

Pile small spoonfuls onto thickly cut cucumber slices and decorate with a fragment of coloured veg.

Ooh Really?!

I tried a few variations on this idea and used raw pine nuts and cashews in one mix.  I only crushed them lightly so there was a soft crunch to the pate.  It worked well.

You could mix any veg, ferment them together, grab some seeds or nuts and use this idea to make your own pates.

What’s YOUR recipe? I look forward to seeing your own results!

Toodle-Oo for now ..

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