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Fermented Food is a Healer

One Very Focused Woman

A couple of weeks ago, I watched one of Kate Lester’s motivating videos.  I watch them because we’re connected on Facebook through business and I find her kind of fascinating because she’s one rocket-fuelled woman, with the energy and focus of 10 more!

Anyway, on that particular day Kate was sniffling and snuffling, poor sausage, and really wasn’t in the best of sorts. Trouper that she is though, she was still at work, getting ‘stuff done!’

Fermented Foody To The Rescue!

I swiftly grabbed a variety of ferments from the fridge, dressed them in cutesy jars – with labels explaining each item – popped the entire parcel in cellophane and raffia (well, if you’re going to send food, make it look a lil’ priddy!) and asked one of her team if they could send me a van double fast.

Kate owns http://www.diamondlogistics.co.uk and those boys don’t mess about .. The driver arrived just before I’d written her card. They are FAST!

Why are they so good? Well, Kate knows how to build killer teams. If you need motivation on that front, she’s just rocketed to the top of Amazon with her motivational books.  Check them out here. She’s given them away in exchange for a donation to charity:


Back to the Story … 

(Ah, we just need some music now, don’t we? I’m singing to you! Can you hear me??)

So … this little bag of fermented goodies was now winging it’s way to her:

* Choc Orange Energy Sweets (included fermented orange zest and the super food raw cacao)

* Coconut kefir milk (King of ferments, for me, is the milk!)

* Plum chutney (totally fermented and super yummy and fizzy) (this one isn’t on the blog, but will be featured in a new eBook, coming soon!)

* Pink Sauerkraut (yup – all fermented too! I always reach for this, including some of the fermented water, when a sniffle dares rise!)

* Fermented Ginger (great for adding to juices & smoothies & raw desserts etc.)

Food is a Healer

Here’s Kate’s feed-back (Well, I HAD to ask!)

“Sarah sent me a lovely basket of goodies and I tried them all.  The Kefir milk was pleasant and I consumed it quickly to knock my cold on the head – and it worked – felt much better in two days. The ginger has been put in to lots of smoothies and adds a real zing. The sauerkraut was tasty, the chutney was nice (fizzy but nice!) and went well with very mature cheddar. As for the chocolates I made the mistake of offering them to the office – and they was consumed voraciously. The one I had left was delicious.”


It’s not every day that I send out parcels of homemade food to someone I haven’t met.

In fact, that’s the first time!

It was lovely to know that the food helped to help kill off Kate’s cold … and of course, great to know that she enjoyed it too!

You can tell that Kate didn’t expect chutney to be slightly fizzy! Ferments have a slight fizz on the tongue. Some more than others. That’s when you know the fermentation has worked and your food is not only giving you extra nutrition, but plenty of probiotics too!

Is this the kick-start you need to know that fermented food and drink is pretty special?

How often can you indulge in chocolate, chutney and creamy sweet milks knowing they’re packed with goodness, not ingredients that will compromise you when you don’t feel well? And not just that, they can offer you a speedier recovery!

Better still, if you take them regularly, those sniffles are less likely to take hold in the first place. Yayyyyy.

Tra la la.

Thanks Kate. Good to know you were back to form for your weekend!


My Hair!

Something has happened since the lion’s mane in the photo dominated my head for a little while. I’ll share that with you on Friday. Wink.


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kimberly says

I love my pickles and other fermented foods, bu I never knew of such variation as I see on your blog. And I didn’t know of their health benefits either! Lucky Kate to receive that batch of goodies from you. That was such a lovely thing to do Sarah 🙂

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Kimberly. Love to share food! Great to share with you the variations on fermented food too! Wait till you see fermented ice cream recipes. He he. I love working out how to make eating healthy food fun!

Robyn says

Sarah, you inspire me!! You took a small risk (I only say small because who wouldn’t want to get free goodies from someone) and it sounds like it was a great success!! That office will be talking about you for days!! Well done!

    Sarah Jackson says

    I was brought up in a family who shared food Robyn. It’s in the blood. I feed people who don’t even want to be fed! 😉 … So long as it makes people feel better or happier, it’s always great to share food. 🙂

Corinne Rodrigues says

How lovely, Sarah. Such a thoughtful and healthy gift!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Corinne. To be honest, it was a split second decision when I saw her sniffing! I was just so pleased that it worked. The proof is always in the pudding! (Or the jar 😉

Anna Welliver says

I have never known about fermented food and drinks!! I have been sick for 2 weeks and never even thought about it! What a great post and love what you did for someone you barely even know!! Your blog is so informed! Keep up the great work!!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Oh Anna! You don’t know what you’re missing. Aha. You do now! 😉 … Welcome to the Fermented Food world. Look forward to sharing more with you. It’s great for keeping bugs away!

April Sherlock says

Hmm, everything sounds so good. But I’m always scared to even try or attempt to try fermented foods. I wish I lived closer, I’d show up to your house for a tasting party.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Honestly April, it’s so easy! Try the sauerkraut recipe to start with. In a nutshell, it’s just about shredding vegetables, mixing in salt, pounding them into a jar, add water, shut lid. There’s really nothing scary about it, although I do understand your fear, when you haven’t done it before.

    Try just one time and post me a photo and any questions you have! We’ll work from there. 🙂

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