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Is It Easy To Make Sauerkraut

As you know, I sent out word to you a week ago, my lovely followers, and asked if you’d like to share your fermentation and healthy eating stories with me.

Today the incredibly glamorous grandma Deborah Pinkowski Archer talks about her veganism and minimalist eating ..

Hi Sarah, thank you for asking for me to be part of your special work. Your presentations of your recipes are amazing and extremely inviting. You have educated me in the area of fermentation so very much.

Due to my life being consumed full-time these days by my 3 toddler grandkids, 2, 3 and 4 years old, I’ve become even MORE of a vegan minimalist. I like it simple with the whole fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds cooked grains, potatoes, and legumes with not much added.

But, I’ll ALWAYS find the time to ferment! Fermentation is a HUGE part of my food life. I ferment only cabbage and leeks as they are what I really like. I use wide-mouth, quart mason jars. I did do cucumbers at one time but like cabbage and leeks best. I like your idea of tasting the fermented food before it’s fully ready. I never knew that.

I take a B12 supplement as vegans need it. I take D as well because I’m not a sun person.

You have given me peace about the safety and nutritional value of fermented food. I’m 64 and enjoy amazing vitality as I care for my 3 grandchildren of 2, 3, and 4 years of age.

My sauerkraut (I prefer red cabbage) is my night-time medication. In the words of Hippocrates, ” Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food. Thanks to the service of you Sarah, I have confidence in the best medicine going!

Hugs and love my friend. I’m so glad we connected! 

Is It Easy To Make Sauerkraut

Tasting ferments while they’re bubbling away is a way of testing if they’re ready. It’s also a way of potentially taking in a variety of bacteria, because we’re never sure exactly which bacteria are doing their work in a ferment and whether or not some disappear during fermentation, to be replaced by new bacteria, or morph into a different form themselves. At least, that’s what I’ve been led to believe through  my readings to date. 🙂

If Debbie, with 3 grandchildren in her charge, can make time to ferment, it’s accessible to us all. Yes? Fermenting vegetables takes as long as it does to slice up the veg and simply pop it in a jar and add water’n’salt.

Check out my pink sauerkraut recipe here.

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Is It Easy To Make Sauerkraut





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