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Dried Rosemary

Have you ever taken a bunch of rosemary from a garden and transformed it into a powdered herb?

The caper and rosemary flatbread I featured on this blog a few months ago uses a delicious, aromatic rosemary powder to flavour the bread. 

Dried Rosemary

Here are a few tips to make your own powdered rosemary:

FRESH-ROSEMARYRosemary is easy to grow.

It needs a fair bit of space, spreads generously and needs virtually no care (liking this already?!) so give it plenty of room. Here is a link to RHS advice on growing specific herbs:


Cut a few rosemary stalks, tie the ends together with string and hang in a warm place for a few weeks.

Here’s how to harvest the plant:


I use our utility room for drying out herbs. It’s a very small room that houses our boiler, washing machine, dryer and benefits from a veluxe window that floods warmth and sunlight into the space.

I hang the rosemary from an expandable, wall mounted towel rail that sits at around 7 ft on the wall.

ROSEMARY-POWDERED---EDITEDKeep an eye on the rosemary leaves and when they’re nicely dried out (you can tell because when you touch them, leaves will fall off super easily and will feel brittle to touch) .. pull the leaves down along the woody stem from top to bottom. This will gather your crop super fast and leave you with a bunch of dried leaves ready to pop into a blender and transform into powder.

It’s so much less expensive to make herb powders this way and I’ve never seen rosemary like this in the shops anyway, so you’ll need to at least dry it yourself, if you’re not going to use fresh.

It works so well with this bread because it spreads the flavour evenly throughout without leaving any chewy texture from the herb.

I hope this gives you some ideas for drying other herbs of your own without too much fuss!

Toodle-oo for now!

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April Sherlock says

Ok so once again I am inspired by you, I’ve gotta get my herb garden going!

    Sarah Jackson says

    I’ll be starting ours next year April, so let’s aim to compare notes! 🙂

Wendy Tomlinson says

I like the smell of rosemary, I haven’t got any growing this year. Perhaps I’ll pinch a little from mums garden 🙂

    Sarah Jackson says

    That’s where I took mine from Wendy. 😉 … It grows so well, I’m sure they’ll be happy to share. You can always make them a gift of food with some of your pickings. 🙂

Corinne Rodrigues says

Last year, we had good luck with parsley and our lemon basil plant has survived the scorching heat. We plan to grow some more herbs this year. Thanks for the information on rosemary, Sarah!

    Sarah Jackson says

    That’s great Corinne! The slugs took most of ours. I haven’t time to run a herb garden at the moment. It’s a little dream I have though. I’ve not used lemon basil before. Or tasted it! Sounds very unusual. Ooh! I wonder where I can find me some? 🙂 … I use the English and Greek basil and LOVE Thai basil too. So many to choose from. Bliss!

Nicole says

I love rosemary! Will definitely give this a try as I’ve never tried drying my own. I bet it’s delicious,

    Sarah Jackson says

    It does work better than fresh rosemary in this recipe Nicole. Fresh always looks lovely. I just think it’s good to spread the flavour evenly. Have fun!

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