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Does Silver Hair Make You Look Older?

I hope you had a fab week-end and a TOP start to this week?


Just a quick update on the silver story! I started a 3 part series at the start of my transition and posted the first video a while back.

Yesterday I edited Parts 2 & 3 together (part 2 was so short, it warranted some company! ;-)) … I hope this helps anyone who is thinking about ditching the dye and is worried about going through a transition period and/or has concerns about how you will be perceived with silver hair. Trust me. It can all be positive!!

Does Silver Hair Make You Look Older?

See what these people say …

Enjoy! If you need support or encouragement, please post here or under the video on my YouTube channel. 🙂

Does silver hair make you look older? Only if you want it to. 🙂

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Carla says

It is all about how you see yourself. If you think that society requires you to be young as long as possible you won`t feel OK with grey hair. Of course, if you are ready to accept yourself truly then you won`t need dye or methods how to stop grey hair from appearing. In my opinion, everyone is brave differently. Some people are brave as they don`t want to dye their hair while others are brave because they for first time reach for hair dye. Thank you for sharing your article

Donna jones says

I ditched the dye two years ago. I am currently growing out my ultra short pixie. I have my days where I wonder if I should dye again but mostly I think I look rather cool with my natural highlights!

    Sarah Jackson says

    It’s only you who can decide Donna. I’m sure you look great with your silvers. The light catches them and changes the shade all the time, which is fab in itself. 🙂 Whatever you do, enjoy it!

Carol says

Rock that grey girl!!!

    Sarah Jackson says

    I’ll do my best. 😉

Sandy Mangis says

I let my hair go natural about two years ago. I am only as old as I feel. My silver hair doesn’t make me feel older so NO I think if people think of me as older, then they are thinking that of themselves too.

    Sarah Jackson says

    I also think there’s a fear associated with dislike Sandy. It can definitely be a reminder to others of their own ageing process.

Kama says

Love this. It is so true it is the attitude that makes the difference.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Kama. Yup. It makes a huge difference. To everything in life really. 🙂

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