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Disastrous Haircuts

Disastrous Haircuts!

Aw. Only teasing.

Yesterday I asked what you thought I should do about cutting my hair short.  Thank you for the comments so far on the blog and social media groups.

To deal with Ben’s enthusiastic growth spurt, I had already visited my stylist to go through EVERY possible option on bleaching, highlighting etc. (I was always going to have to do a little internal kicking and screaming before considering saying good-bye to my long hair. 😉 )

Stripping Hair

I’d read extensively on-line about the down-sides of removing hair colour. Home and salon efforts. Some successful. Some not.

When hair has been dyed for many years, you’re not exactly at the best starting point to strip it of existing colour with bleach.

Also, no hair can be bleached white.  You’re left with a yellowy tinge that needs further treatment after initial bleaching, before a blending colour is added (I’d asked for silver highlights).

In my case, I would have needed to blend to the existing silver. I had an inch of new growth at that stage and wasn’t about to touch a millimetre of it. (No way was I about to eliminate 8 weeks of diligence with the sweep of a brush!)

Of course, there’s always the risk that the process of stripping colour can dry your hair to the point where it starts to break off.

Some get away with it.  For many it results in the misery of needing regular cuts to the point where your hair can end up almost as short as a fast-track cut, without the pain and expense of various treatments.

I listened to advice. Aw. Mummy would be proud of me. 😉

I drove home after my colour consultation.

Deflated, to be fair.

There were now just three options open to me.

  1. Live with Ben for a looooong time.
  2. Take to wearing wigs/hair pieces.
  3. Man up and go for an entirely new image.

I couldn’t envisage allowing a white circle to slowly dominate my crown, leaving the rest dark brown (I’ve seen photos of this look and salute the women who can style their hair to deal with it) so ….

What Happened Next ..?

I had NO clue what style I wanted, had gazed endlessly at photos of both long and short hair and, having recently joined Pinterest, explored there too.

Oddly, at no point during my browsing had I ever ‘got real’ and considered that, at some point, I’d probably need to choose a style for myself!

My gut feeling was that the best way to approach the matter was to chat with Claudio in person and decide together. He’s been my hairdresser for the best part of 25 years. He knows me well enough!

Driving to the salon – on the day I’d determined would be the BIG DAY – I cut through the park and found myself asking the universe to send me a sign.  As I’ve mentioned before, it’s only hair, but …. well, I suddenly felt the need for a last minute confirmation. Perspective is everything.

We ingest so much horrendous news every week from the media that I must admit to feeling rather indulgent procrastinating at all about something so insignificant.

I’m not a ‘woo woo’ person … and yet I received my sign so loud and so clear – just yards from the salon – that my decision was sealed.

After all. It IS. Just. Hair.

We Talk …

Claudio grabbed a magazine and before we’d even taken a look I found the Sharon Stone photo on Pinterest.

He’s quite brilliant and immediately said he could visualise how to adapt the style to work for me. Only after ribbing me that I’d chosen one of the most beautiful women in the world as an example.

As with all goals:

I emailed hubby the photo and found myself dialling his mobile number. A last minute panic call. What a wet. 😉

Symptoms of a Major Hair Cut

  • The eyes welled up a teeny bit just before the first snip. (Am happy to report that no tears escaped.)
  • The tummy ached for 20 minutes while I waited for Claudio to finish working with another client. Yup. I arrived super early for my important date. 😉

Oh Gosh! It’s Happening ……!

And so we began.

Snippedy snip.

Snippedy snip.

Slowly (I mean REALLY slowly! 😉 my hair dropped to the floor.  

We decided to go in stages.  (By request from the coward in the chair.)

Once we were below ear level we inched up one side, then the other.  

A major lesson I learned from the forums I’ve been inhabiting of late is that there’s nothing worse than a cut you regret.  

Hair grows at a rate of roughly half an inch per month.  What may seem nothing when you’re chopping, could take months to re-grow!

All the time the scissors worked their magic (he spent over 3 hours with me, bless him) a few of my super silver sisters around the globe were on-line waiting for ‘live’ updates and lending support.  I hadn’t expected that.  One had been on-line when we started and suddenly there were a few of them, talking amongst themselves and badgering me for updates. (Badgering. Geddit? Had to get Ben in just once more. Arf.)

I have to say, with Claudio’s skills – and gentle approach – and the girls ‘on team,’ it was actually really fun! (Thanks girls – so glad we’ve all met. x)



First snip! I must have had over a foot of hair cut off.  This wasn’t the longest piece!

I didn’t check the floor once … (Completely forgot to!)








Going shorter … (and being ticked off for taking selfies to send to the girls – and use for this blog!)












And shorter …













He’s still snipping. Am getting used to it now!











Top Left. (Last summer)

Top Right. (With the silver shown, same day as this haircut)

After ‘the chop’ ….. in a quiet corner of the salon.











3 days later I washed my new hairstyle for the first time.


I’ve never been scared to touch my own hair before! 30 years since dealing with short hair previously and I wasn’t quite sure where to begin!











I couldn’t manage with my new brush. I was using my tried and tested technique (old habits die hard 😉 )

After getting it lodged in my short tufts twice and losing the resulting hair knots onto the carpet, I resorted to using just my fingers, a little wax after drying .. And some hairspray to hold the height.

It took just 5 mins to dry and style it. So easy!










Ta da!!!!

I think I may have said good-bye to long hair forever!












Up close and personal.  The silver is now a feature rather than a bother.

There’s only one shock left:

The day I have the cut that reveals only my own real hair.

Apparently, it’s 90% white! (Having said that, I’ve been advised that hair adjusts and looks different as it grows in .. then changes regularly over time, so perhaps it won’t look white as more peeps out!)





A couple of weeks later and I’m having trouble keeping it spiky on top as it seems rather long. (How ironic?)



Decided to have some fun with it, before I go shorter still. I NEVER do strong lippy.  Was fun to play ..

Check out the photo middle right with a fringe.  My hair looks SO dry.  Years of butchering it with colour and the silver is so much fresher than the dark. Am still nervous about it at times, but hey … bring it on!

(The App wouldn’t let me add an apostrophe to the word ‘can’t’ in the collage on the left .. tsk! 😉 )

On the day it was first re-styled, Claudio, hubby and I all said it could have been shorter, but I stopped short of taking the final step.

That’ll be today!

Are you one of the readers who’s been thinking of joining me? Are you any closer to deciding yet? 😉

Thanks for bearing with me.  I’m sure not everyone is interested in the hair ‘thingy.’  I just wanted to share it for anyone who may be considering it in future, since perhaps it will help you, or someone you know, to make a decision that’s not as simple as it initially seems. 🙂

I’ll give you an occasional update and if you’re interested in the whole story and everything I learn along the way, I’ll pop it into book form and release it later this year.

Catch up with you next week, to talk about food again!

Have a super week-end!

Do join in with your comments below …


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kimberly says

lol… love the collage! You are just terrible!! But the new look looks really great on you. You carry it off so well and it fits your personality (at least whatever I gather from your posts!!) too 🙂

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Kimberly. I’m just getting used to the short silver hair now. My transition seemed to fly past to be honest and it’s been pretty fun in the main!

Nicole says

Well done for sharing your adventure with us! I remember having a big chop like that years ago and it felt so liberating. Enjoy!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thank you Nicole. My pleasure to share. I love to hear about the liberating short haircuts. It seems that many who go for the chop absolutely love it!

Jill Bennett says

It looks great Sarah – and so much more practical! I’d love to follow you but with my round face not sure it would look that good on me. I’ll keep the long for a little while longer I think 🙂

    Sarah Jackson says

    You know Jill, it’s very much about what suits each person. It’s true that pixie isn’t for everyone. You’d definitely find a style that would rock for you when you decide to go ahead though! Or you’d learn to adapt to the demarcation line with clever styling. It’s all possible!

Sandra Morris says

Wow….. your new hairdo looks amazing. Such a transformation. I’m a short hair girl too and I love the freedom to completely change my style with a skoosh of hair gel.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Ha ha. Sandra, I’m learning to use hair paste and have only once had to wash a little out of my hair! Doesn’t take too long to get the hang and yes, it’s fun.

    Thanks for the compliment! I went shorter again yesterday – by 1 1/2 inches all round! Should be even easier to style now.

    Will share that photo soon. 🙂

Regan says

Oh wow Sarah, it looks lovely and suits you very well indeed. There are two good things about short hair, 1 – it’s quick to do in the mornings and 2 – you have to go to the hair dressers at least every six to eight weeks. I love getting pampered at the hair dressers 🙂 xxx

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Regan! Yup. I’m a 5 minute girl now. Was 10 mins on hair before!

    I was actually at the hairdresser every THREE weeks for the past couple of years and very 4 for a couple of years before that. I did feel tied. Now it will be a treat rather than a chore to return and have just a stylish cut, rather than the discomfort of a stinging hair colour. 🙂

M.C. Simon says

I was against cutting your hair. But didn’t comment. When I saw the first photos… I was almost crying being nervous for what you did. Seeing now the last photos… WOW!!!! YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!! I love it! 🙂

    Sarah Jackson says

    How thoughtful of you to hold back when you didn’t think it was the right move for me MC. Glad you love it now (!) … Your reaction to my post is so cute. Bless you x

Robyn says

LOVE IT! I knew it was gonna be great! If you see the my reply on your cut it or not post, you’ll see that I had already cheered you on!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Robyn, thank you for your support. It’s very much appreciated!

Sarah Arrow says

Wow, so not only is it all off, but it’s been that way for weeks!
I bet your head feels really light now 🙂

    Sarah Jackson says

    Sarah, it’s so funny. I keep going to grab the ponytail that isn’t there any longer. And pull it tight, to find there’s ‘air’ where it used to sit! And pull it out of my collar, even though there’s none to pull!

    I reckon it’ll take 6 weeks to get fully used to it. That’s the consensus on how long it truly takes to change a lifelong habit, so I’m running alone those lines!

Viv says

I love your new look! It’s very elegant and you wear it well. I remember when I decided to chop off mine 11 years now (gosh! Can’t believe it’s been that long!), I wasn’t sure how short I wanted it to be and my stylist said she’d cut short enough just in case I changed my mind. I haven’t looked back! Enjoy it…you’ll have more freedom.

    Sarah Jackson says

    That’s good to hear Viv. And thank you. Have to say that I’m loving it. I’m pretty certain it’s for good. It doesn’t need washing as often now and is soooo much easier. Plus it isn’t flat on my head as it used to be. Onwards..!

    I’ll have to PM you on FB for a before/after shot. I’m a hair-spotter now. Love looking at changing styles!

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