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Day 16 of My Water Fast

I went OTT again. Haha.

The first week, as you will know if you watched last week’s video, presented its challenges.

However, I could see changes were happening to my body (aside from weight loss) that were really significant, so I really wanted to continue.

Blood tests taken on Day 12:

  • Renal
  • Liver
  • Full Blood Count

all returned as perfect, so I embarked on a 3rd week. I’ve been taking this day by day and only looking ahead to the next 7 days as a goal. Any longer would, frankly, seem impossible!

So I’m all set to try to reach 21 days.

On Day 19 I’ll be having Urea and Electrolytes tested, which will determine what’s going on inside at that point.

You can follow my story here:

Day 16 of My Water Fast

Toodle-oo till  next week!

Day 16 of My Water Fast


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