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Christmas Greetings

Hey Friends

I hope you had time (or are prepping) to stop and breathe today, before you gathered with family or friends (or both) to eat, drink and catch up around the table.

I usually write a Christmas post or do a livestream before heading to family.

This year has been a strange one for me:

✈️ Flying home from Cyprus

????Rushing around trying to prep for Christmas 100 miles from my own UK home

???? Organising myself for the return trip (winter weather there now, wetter than here and cold as heck some days, with no traditional central heating – eek!) wondering where I want to be living from one month to the next while the change rolls out … and

❓Not knowing where I will be or what exactly I’ll be doing next year

❓Or when … ????

Suffice to say .. there’s been a lot goin’awn.

???????? With that in mind, I hope you can forgive me for being a little absent from here the past few months. (I promise there has been work done; I’ve just not managed to share it on the blog. So sorry.)

So here we are, at a time of year when many people aren’t as happy as they would like to be.

It’s extra important to remember others, outside of our own unit of family and friends, at this time of year.


There are people out there who may feel lonely, sad; may be completely alone. Some by choice, some not.

I know a beautiful young woman, now separated from her husband, who was due to spend a few hours alone today while her children spend Christmas Day afternoon with dad. It’s not just the elderly who are left to cope alone.

If you’ve never done this before, it’s a great time to reach out and offer a hug, a shoulder, an ear.

Just a few moments of your time could make such a huge difference to someone else’s day.

While we attract amazing people around us, being able to be alone successfully – whatever you’re going through – is an important life skill.

If we have problems, being alone can give space for our minds to entertain negative thoughts, brood over our problems.

When we’re going through challenging times, this is what we need to avoid at all costs.

Granted, we are humans and will have dips.

However, those dips don’t need to define an entire day.

If you spend time alone thinking, planning, hoping, your heart has no space to breathe.

When we stop thinking, stop trying to seek answers and drop from the head to the heart … the answers flow.

In truth, ‘active thinking’ can sometimes block flow.

However … the answers don’t always come straight away.

It could happen that day, another day, another week, another month.

You can’t rush this stuff, so please don’t try. It will only frustrate you and leave you disappointed.

Trust in the process, because when you trust, the answers DO come. When you are ready for them.

You may believe you are ready, but they will still only come when a greater force than our thinking mind knows we are ready. ????

You won’t have planned a single thing.

And the biggest surprise of all?

The answers will be the right ones.

The outcome will be just what you need.

Your life will flow more easily.

I’ve written a few poems this year while sitting looking at my mountains.

Sometimes words come to me during the night. I’ve woken a few times and had to grab my phone to tap out a verse, or sometimes an entire poem, in 5-10 minutes.

One friend said I must be channeling them! I literally don’t know where the words come from. They just ‘flow.’

This is one I wrote about trusting the process of flow …


Alone with thoughts,
the ones that dare to leave your conscious reach
may leap into the thinking frame
without a word,
to scratch a scar already raw;
confuse the cluttered mind
you wish to rest.

And yet, as if by miracle of earth,
The greatest highs emerge from lows;

Valleys soaring to majestic peaks
Canyon floors to striking spires
The ocean bed to crest of wave
Soil beneath our feet to sky.

They know your ways and speak
to you in language of their own;
soothe and reassure;
lift troubles way beyond their earthly niche;
releasing them to nature’s tender arms
to soften and dissolve into the etha’s calm embrace.

Be still and trust;
your blocks will clear as sure as sun will sparkle;
soul smile as clear as rising moon.

Surrender now; resistance
only stops it happening soon.

When all seems lost
And life is tough
the Universe WILL give.

All you need to do is trust,



and Live.

Wishing you a peaceful and happy Christmas and New Year and, naturally, a healthy and positive 2019.

Love and best,

Christmas Greetings

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