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chickpea flatbread

Chickpea Flatbread with Rosemary & Capers

Yesterday I posted a recipe for chickpea flatbread with sun-dried tomatoes and olives.  Here’s a variation on that theme.

Gather Your Goodies

chickpea flatbreadThe Batter

2 Cups Chickpea Flour

2 Cups Filtered/Mineral Water (tap water is often very pungent with fluoride, so I don’t use it in cooking)

2 Tablespoons Powdered Rosemary (if you don’t have a machine to make this, you can use fresh or dried rosemary. I’ve done it both ways and feel the powder works better, as it creates an even flavour and is soft, rather than having any dry or chewy leaves)

1 Lemon (juiced)

Salt and Pepper

The Topping

125 g Capers

It’s Action Time!

Head on over to the original recipe for these instructions and simply use these ingredients above for the batter, keeping back the capers to add in, after blending the batter.

Remember to keep the bread pretty thin.  It can feel heavy if it’s too thick.

That article also explains the benefits of chickpeas and why they’re a seriously good addition to a daily eating plan.

As an alternative to wheat, it’s a versatile, gluten-free, nutritious, health-giving food.

What’s NOT to like? I have one more version to share with you next week.  It’s currently my fave!!

Have a great weekend!

See you Monday. 🙂

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