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chicken noodles

Chicken Noodles with Sweet and Sour Sauce

Are you a ‘cook for one or two’ type of person or, like me, have you spectacularly failed to understand the meaning of moderation in the kitchen?!

Ask you for a lasagne, a casserole, shepherd’s pie, moussaka, fish pie with creamed potato topping, steak pie – the type of man food I’ve cooked many times for MLH (Motorbike Loving Hubby) – would you also be off at the first hurdle, making 10-20 portions, freezing it down and popping it in a large storage freezer?!

Whatever takes 1 hr to make for 4 people will take 1-2 hours for 10-20.  We KNOW this!  It’s such a time saver to batch cook.  LOVE it. 😉

I’m almost as bad when it comes to sauces (I know there are still around 20 freezer containers filled with mediterranean tomato sauce) although the sweet and sour sauce I shared on Wednesday is SO quick that making enough for just two meals is perfect.

It sits in the fridge for a week or more and awaits its second outing most politely. Of course, if you’re feeding a family, they’ll wolf double the sauce recipe in one sitting between them!


Here’s a ridiculously quick dish to accompany your sauce.

Chicken Noodles

chicken noodlesGather Your Goodies

Boneless, skinless Chicken Thighs – chopped into thick strips (Why not breast? Ohhhh. I know low fat lovers will hate to hear this, but I like the fact that thighs aren’t dry.  And yes, I know a chicken breast doesn’t ‘have’ to be dry, but in our household, the thighs win every time.)

Mixed Vegetables (for speed, buy a fresh packet or two of chopped, Chinese mixed veg)

Fresh, white rice noodles (Or you can use meaty, fresh egg noodles if you’re a wheat eater! They’re much thicker than the rice noodles and a change to the dish as well)

It’s Action Time

Heat a little oil in your wok.

Lightly fry your chicken strips

Add your veg once the chicken is lightly coated with oil, but before it’s cooked through!

2 minutes before the end, pop your noodles in and mix all your ingredients together.

Ooh, Really?!

I usually make my sweet and sour sauce before frying up the main dish, mainly because it’s all so quick.

It’s just easier to quickly make the sauce, keep it warm on the hob, fry your food in the wok, then pour in the sauce right at the end and swoosh everything into one big sweet and sour pile of yumminess.

So that’s it.

How did I take 3 blog posts to tell you about 1 super speedy dish?

Well, you can use the sauce for other dishes.  Use the apple sauce for recipes and use this ‘5 minute dish’ as a base for different sauces.

Voila! Cooking during the week in a jiffy!

Have a super week-end.

See you Sunday.  I’m going to join in a little fun game that I’ve seen other bloggers do and make a post on Sundays called Silent Sunday.

It involves posting your photos and I take SO many photos.

They won’t be about food.  We’ll take Sundays off and I’ll share with you some of the pictures I take on my days out and about.  You never know what you will see, do you?! iPhone at the ready at all times!

See you Sunday.

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katrina says

We love chicken thighs, too! Unless I’m roasting a whole chicken, which I do regularly, I don’t buy breasts anymore. This looks really tasty!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Ah! A sister with the same sentiments on our feathered friends. 😉 It’s just such a quick, easy dish to make. I love it for times when I don’t feel like cooking for long!

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