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Cheesy Pasta

Cheesy Pasta

Cheesy Pasta

So here we are, watching the spring blossoms burst into life in the UK and thoughts will soon be turning to different foods. I even enjoyed my first salad of the year at dinner last Wednesday. Oooh, daring!

As I was sifting through videos, to share another Kitchen Tips episode with you, I figured you may like a recipe first …

This dinner is one of my ‘chuck it all together’ dinners. If you think your cupboards aren’t full, you’ll be surprised what you can do with the real basics. I have no measurements for this one. It’s a real ‘do whatever you fancy’ meal and it will work however you do it! Swap in/out any ingredients you don’t have, for others you do. 🙂

Cheesy Pasta

Gather Your Goodies

For the Main Dish

Rice Penne Pasta (I find that this pasta is the most – in texture’n’taste – like wheat pasta .. and penne has a lovely bite to it)

Red Onion (I used about half an onion for my dinner-for-1)

A hard Goat’s Cheese (grated)

Garlic (to taste – I love garlic and used 2 medium cloves in this – wooo!)

Organic Avocado or Rapeseed Oil

For the Salad

Romaine Lettuce (the most nutritious of all lettuce – organic is best)

Baby Vine Tomatoes


Raw Fennel

A generous handful of raw sprouts (alfalfa, mixed bean – whatever’s available)

It’s Action Time!

Fry the onion and garlic on a low’ish heat – to soften and lightly brown, not burn!

As soon as the onion pan is on, add the penne to boiling water (keep an eye on the onions too though!)

Now you have two pans cooking your main dish, chop up your salad (I like to thinly slice/shred the lettuce) and arrange in a bowl.

Drizzle lemon juice and sesame oil over the salad.

After 5 minutes check the pasta after every minute, until it’s the right texture for your palate.

Tip the pasta into a colander to drain.

If you find it’s a little starchy, poor a boiled kettle of water over the pasta, stirring it while you do this.

Pour the pasta into your dish, stir in some butter, sprinkle with cheese and serve with the salad.

A simple and nutritious meal, with plenty of raw enzymes!

Ooh, Really?!

You can buy seeds and sprout them at home, using jars with holes in the lids. Make your own or buy some cheaply on the internet and add this great food to your meals as we move towards the warmer weather. 🙂

See you soon!



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