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I Need Help To Change My Eating Habits

Earlier this year one of my readers, Becky Melton, wrote to me and asked me to help her with her eating habits. I Need Help To Change My Eating Habits She had spent a lifetime consuming food from cans

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Is It Easy To Make Sauerkraut

As you know, I sent out word to you a week ago, my lovely followers, and asked if you’d like to share your fermentation and healthy eating stories with me. Today the incredibly glamorous grandma

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Healthy Sweet Treats

Last year a silver sister – someone I met through the silver community during my hair transition – wrote me the note below. It was such a lovely note to receive. Sharing food ideas is one

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Does Kefir Keep Colds At Bay

Does Kefir Keep Colds At Bay Yesterday I asked if regular readers would like to be a star feature on this blog, in the hope that – if you’re a new reader, or are struggling with kick-starting

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Healing with Fermented Drinks

I’m on the roller coaster of love! I keep on falling in love with Kefir again and again. Why? It’s so beneficial to my health and whilst I started drinking it as a milk 2 years ago, there are

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Fermented Food is the New Sexy!

It’s not just here. It’s everywhere! If you read the news/follow trends, you may well have noticed that there are national newspapers and magazines talking about fermented food and drink all

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Fermented Food is a Healer

One Very Focused Woman A couple of weeks ago, I watched one of Kate Lester’s motivating videos.  I watch them because we’re connected on Facebook through business and I find her kind of

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Reader Success! A Reader’s First Vegetable Ferment!

I was pondering on which content to share with you today when a message came in on my Facebook page from reader Wendy. As a new blogger, I’m not sure of the impact my posts are having on you yet

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Fermented Foods – One Man’s Story

A couple of months ago I connected on Facebook with a man who lives out in the U.S. and busies himself making fermented food and drink (and tinctures!) for his local community.  I was so impressed with

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Sharing a Reader’s Milk Kefir Success!

On 10th October, I received this message from my friend, Nutritionist Nicki Williams: “I’m after some advice! I want to make kefir again but my grains died and my kefir tasted horrible! I love the

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