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Is Hula Hooping Good Exercise

Shockingly, I bought my’oop about two years ago and, after a couple of attempts that were none too shabby (though I say so myself; wink) I tucked it away safely out of sight. Why? Because I lost

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Kefir Powder Starter

Kefir powder starter is great for non-dairy kefir milk. Last week, I gave some advice on where you could start to look for kefir grains. This week it’s about kefir powder starter. The difference

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Kefir Grains

There’s a fair volume of information about kefir on this blog. Around 18 months ago I wrote a series of blog posts about how to choose whether or not you use kefir grains or powders and which may

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Is Rebounding Good For You

Keeping fit is as much a part of looking after our body as the food we eat.  As a regular reader, you’ll know that I’m making efforts now to return to a better level of fitness.  Join me

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The Optimum 9200A Next Generation Review

I realised recently that I haven’t shared my love of kitchen gadgets with you. Naughty meeee! To say I’m in love with The Optimum 9200A Next Generation blender doesn’t award it sufficient status.

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