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Taking You Back in Time

Do you have anything fun planned for Easter? Doo share! Family treats/a trip abroad or to the coast for some brisk spring air. We’re still in scarves and gloves in London! (Actually, I’m a

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Milk Kefir – What’s Stopping You From Making It?

Wow! I can’t believe it’s time to round up another week already! So here it is.  Your weekly reference to all the posts in the second part of our Kefir series. 🙂   Kevin Loses His

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Milk Kefir – Let’s do flavours!!

So yesterday we made cream cheese.  I’m going to show you some recipes soon that I’ve made with it.  I’m REALLY excited to share these with you! One is a no wheat, no sugar pancake

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Cream Cheese, anyone? Kefir Cream Cheese!

So what can you do with your kefir if you don’t want to ‘just drink it?’ Well this is where the fun begins! Let’s talk about cheese. A soft, creamy cheese that’s as easy to make as counting

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Kevin Loses His Whey ….

The Sad Story of Kev, the Neglected Milk Kefir Grain Hi there, I’m a milk kefir grain. My name’s Kevin. But since you’re a new mate, you can call me Kev. I was born on a farm, but was soon sent away

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Kefir – A Round up of the Kefir Series to Date

So the good news is that we’ve covered a lot of ground about Kefir during the past few days. The even better news is that there’s a lot more to come.  Yippee! A few questions have come in,

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My Kefir Is Too Sour

Picture The Scene: You know.  When you set everything up the right way? A delicious dinner is cooking on a shiny clean hob.  You’re gliding seamlessly around the kitchen, not a spot of dust to

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Kefir Milk FAQ

Since this kefir series began a week ago, I’ve been asked a few questions, some more than once, so I thought I’d start a: Kefir Milk FAQ I will add to this as and when more questions come

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Milk Kefir – Let’s Make it Right now!

So we’re ready to start making your first kefir milk.  Woo hoo! We’re going to keep this super quick.  And super simple! As we’ve talked about in previous posts throughout this kefir

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Kefir Grains v Kefir Powder

Before I explain about the kefir grains and powders, please keep in mind that it’s only the FIRST time you look for suppliers that will take you a little time. As soon as you have: Chosen a supplier Sampled

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