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Quinoa Bowl

Hey You! Have you heard of quinoa? So many foodies have been using it for a looong time now. Until recently, I’d bypassed it, then decided to give it a try. It has an unusual taste. Kind of sweet

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Quick Easy Fish Stir Fry

Do you ever arrive home from work and think … “Noooo! I just don’t have time to cook a fresh meal?!” This is so quick and delicious and you could interchange the vegetables. You

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Creamy Pesto Sauce

I’ve made so many versions of pesto I forget half of them! Sweet. Savoury. They all hold appeal. I ate so much of it in the past that I came to find the traditional intense blend of pine nuts and

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Raw Cashew Vanilla Nut Butter

I created this recipe recently and shared the photo with friends who have nudged me to post it here! It’s a while since I made something that hooked me in so rapidly it could become an addiction!

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Buttery Salmon with Rainbow Vegetables

As a regular on Facebook, I find myself sharing recipes I’m working on and also meals I’ve cooked for breakfast/lunch/dinner with friends. They seem to garner interest and it often helps me

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A Superfood Kefir Snack

How are you doing this week? I need to apologise for not bouncing back into posting regularly! I’m on a mission to finalise my first 3 recipe Ebooks for you – the ones that will be going on

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Pineapple Seed Crackers

This week I’ve been on a juice cleanse and it highlighted the volume of pulp we create when juicing fruit and vegetables. I do dislike waste! For a few years now I’ve been toying with the

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No Oil Red Pepper Hummus

A while ago I wanted created a raw hummus, simply because I LOVE hummus and wanted to be able to eat it without always adding extra oil to my meal. I’ve been thinking about oil more recently and

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Dried Rosemary

Have you ever taken a bunch of rosemary from a garden and transformed it into a powdered herb? The caper and rosemary flatbread I featured on this blog a few months ago uses a delicious, aromatic rosemary

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7 Breakfasts for 7 Days

Wow! So many breakfasts, so little time.  I reckon it’s time to round them all up! 7 Breakfasts for 7 Days I hope you find one amongst these babies you can enjoy as a regular. Remember, you can

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