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Cheesy Pasta

Cheesy Pasta So here we are, watching the spring blossoms burst into life in the UK and thoughts will soon be turning to different foods. I even enjoyed my first salad of the year at dinner last Wednesday.

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Fruity Green Smoothie

Green smoothies are handy if you’re on the move and need to something nutritious that you can pop in a small bag. They’re also useful if you have a family member who isn’t keen on eating

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Pecan Energy Bar

Pecans are such a delicious nut. Great for savoury and sweet dishes, soft, not overpowering and well .. I’m rather in love with them. Have you begun your love affair with them yet? 😉 If you’re

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Mixed Seed Hummus

Last week I made a quick hummus with pan fried mixed seeds and a few other ingredients. Super easy to make (you could use any variety of seeds and leave out the salt) so I thought I’d share this

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Pan Fried Mixed Seeds

Do you keep pan or oven roasted seeds ready for use? I find them so useful! I often dry pan roast them, but it’s fun to play with recipes. Here’s my latest batch, using a little oil and some

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Chocolate Orange Fudge

Are you a dark or milk chocolate fan? Most of us need chocolate now and again. Right? 😉 I used to be a milk choc girl, but after deciding to give up shop bought chocolate, with its sugar, colouring,

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Pineapple Blueberry Almond Porridge

Are you a porridge fan? I can’t say it’s my favourite food and oats aren’t high on my list these days, but I know you may like them, so hey, here’s another way of playing with porridge

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How To Make Pecan Butter

How To Make Pecan Butter I hope you’re finding the content on this blog helpful. I’ve had to move away from publishing regular recipes for now.  I’m so busy writing recipe books and

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Butternut Squash and Prawn Risotto

Butternut Squash and Prawn Risotto. I used to make risotto all the time. Back in the day, before the necessity to measure ingredients and share with your good self, I would simply chuck whatever I had

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11 Ways to Change Eating Habits

11 Ways to Change Eating Habits. Gosh! I just realised that I missed my 2 year anniversary of launching this blog by 17 days! Weep! So to celebrate that day, I revisited my first post.  The title was

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