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Merry Christmas

Hey You! Sooo sorry for my absence the last few days! I did a whizz bang thing and managed to totally lock myself out of my website on every computer in our house. (I know. I’m dead clever. Wink.) My

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Healthy Living

I have some interesting reading for you today:  7 Vital Steps to Better Health! Healthy Living 1. Thyroid Health – Why so many people never know they have a thyroid issue. 2. Major Life Change

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Salad Dressing Recipe with Apple Cider Vinegar

I’ve received some fantastic feed-back regarding yesterday’s post about making home-made Apple Cider Vinegar, which is so encouraging, because I know you and many others are now likely to buy

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An Ode To Your Fermenting Adventure

An Ode To Your Fermenting Adventure Don’t be confused by words you’ve seen That make you wonder what they mean. Don’t be confused by food that’s new That makes you think ‘Oh

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My Walk Through Hell!

Fancy an ‘evening walk to hell,’ anyone? 😉 I wrote this story in the present tense … It seemed appropriate at the time, so let’s transport ourselves .. You ready? The Walk To

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Woop Woop! It’s Holiday Time!

Hello You! Well, I’m about to sign out for a month.  Mr Him is changing jobs and has a month’s freedom before locking down into his next long-term contract, so he’s asked me if I could

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Making Miso

Little Tale of A Tub of Miso (Prepare Yourself – It includes a Death, Determination, A Survival and ultimately, Love) It’s Emotional. You ready? Bringing Miso Home I had an interesting experience

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Making Food Changes

Making Food Changes Let’s not kid ourselves. Removing food that we love from our regular eating plan isn’t easy.  If you cut out everything overnight that you felt you weren’t doing

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Why Do People Share Food

Why Do People Share Food Have you ever noticed how people want to ‘please’ others with food? Food is such an important communicator. It ‘speaks’ more than we realise. Food is

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How Do I Change My Eating Habits

How Do I Change My Eating Habits Hello You! HUGE and HEARTY WELCOME! It’s great to see you here today. I’ve been touched by the support for the launch of this blog, not just from my family

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