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Living With Insomnia

Do you ever struggle with insomnia? Wail. Weep. Ain’t it a bore? Living With Insomnia I’ve tried almost every solution over a number of decades .. Herbal pills Gave those up over 20 years

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Saying Goodbye to Those You Love

I don’t tend to talk about my personal news on this blog, but before we wave farewell to this year, I’d like to celebrate the life of my gorgeous cat Lulu. She joined me as a stray almost

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Wishing You A Peaceful & Healthy Christmas

Hello and apologies for being so quiet the past few weeks.  I’ve been busy in the kitchen and have much news to share with you next month! In the meanwhile, I’ve recently lost my gorgeous

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Thank You!!

Today I would like to say A HUGE thank you to you for taking the time and trouble to vote for me during the past few weeks. I appreciate it so much. The business category I won was for ‘Influential

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How to Heal Depression

A few days ago, something incredibly sad happened to an online silver sister friend of mine. Her young daughter, suffering from anxiety and depression (unbeknownst to her mother’s online community of

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My Father’s Fermented Rebellion …

Fermented food and drink. Are you making it yet? 🙂 My brother is deffo going to get into it. He’s already into many of the healthy alternative foods that I use as part of my regular army of basics. Mum

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Just DO It!!!!

It’s time to JUST DO IT!!!! Go the category section on this blog, find a fermented recipe you like and go buy the ingredients to make it this weekend. 😉 Here Are Some Ideas For You: Lemons and

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Recipe Round Up

Things are hotting up in the Fermented Foody kitchen! Fermented Food and Drinks are such amazing, probiotic, health giving food that help to balance gut flora. That means overpowering the bad bacteria

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Happy Bank Holiday!

Happy Bank Holiday! It’s May Day weekend and we’re enjoying a 3 day break.  I hope you have some fun stuff planned?! I’ll busy both relaxing and quietly planning for next week.  My

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Happy Easter to You

I hope you’re having a FUN-FILLED time!! Catch you tomorrow! I’ll explain why I look so different then … (While we’re all chillin’)  

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