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Why Is Fermented Food Good

Why Is Fermented Food Good I was invited by Sonia Poleon, presenter on digital radio station ‘Colourful Radio,’ based at The Oval, in Kennington, to chat for an hour about fermented food and

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Katy Perry’s Health Tips

Katy Perry’s Health Tips I read about this recently and always smile when I see someone in the public eye supporting the inclusion of fermented food/drink into their diet. So Katy’s hot tip

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How To Make Healthier Food Choices

How to Make Healthier Food Choices. There are many factors influencing the way we buy: Advertising & Marketing Availability Emotional Eating A Lack of Understanding as to what really is Healthy Food Eating

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How Long Does It Take To Change A Habit

How long does it take to change a habit? Popular thinking is that a habit can be changed in around 3 weeks. Many business and health challenges run for a month, but the truth is that it can take much longer

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How To Eat Healthily

How To Eat Healthily. It’s about time I shared some news with you from a few weeks ago! In February this year, I attended the Naturopathic College of Medicine for four consecutive weeks to take their

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Happy Holiday!

Hello You! I had some news to share with you, but after a hugely busy week last week, I dropped off the radar, so this is to say that I’ll share that news after the Easter break. I hope, whether

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How To Raise Chickens

Today, blogger Trisha Simpkins Tipton shares her knowledge about how to raise chickens. Trisha grows much of her own produce. It seems that many Americans outside of the cities enjoy large spaces of land,

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How To Help Hypothyroidism Naturally

Given that thyroid conditions are so common – and also difficult to deal with – I’m linking you today to an article written by my naturopath, Dr Harold Gaier. I’ll be sharing a

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Car Dancing

Car Dancing So last week I had 3 days where I did around sufficient movement. (Sneak preview is that I’ve upped that to 4 this week, which I’ll be writing about next week. I have to give both

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Your Chance To Feature on This Blog

Your Chance to Feature on This Blog Wow! I was about to write a recipe post for today and, while I was planning on how to meet up more often with you on Periscope, I had an idea! You see, I’m working

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