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Food For Health

Food For Health Today I decided to build a tower of super healthy food and, let’s be honest, I didn’t go about it in the best possible way! See those bags of flour on the floor? I tried to

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Cheaper Organic Food

It’s all about food and wellbeing for the next couple of months. Today I’ll begin posting my entries to a month long Artistic Challenge and will be theming it around food and health. I have

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A New Start

Good Morning! Did you see Saturday’s post? Don’t forget to make a note of your favourite words for 2017 and keep them close! A New Start I plan to share different content with you this year.

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Happy New Year

Gosh. That first week flew by … I hope the first week of this year has been a positive one for you? Have you ever created a vision board? This time last year I watched a few YouTube videos about

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Holiday Greetings To You

Before we depart to our families or friends, I wanted to share a seasonal message. If you follow this blog regularly, you will know that this time last year I lost my beautiful cat Lulu. Twenty years ago

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Join Me on Facebook Live

Where have I been? Welllllll … I’ve been deep into writing the first few thousand words of a book I’m writing with my naturopath, Dr Gaier (featured here a few times on this blog). It’s

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Happy Holidays

Hello You! How can it be ‘that’ time of year already?! I’m not sure I love how time disappears so quickly! So many of us take breaks at this time of year that, as you know, I toodle off

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Join Me on Live Stream TV

Hello You! I just wanted to ask you if you’ve already joined me on a live stream? Join Me on Live Stream TV If you have, you know how welcome you are. And how much fun we have together! If you’ve

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What is Tapping

What is Tapping My social media friend Susan Cowe Miller responded to a recent post by writing to me on Facebook. Her response was interesting, so I asked if she would like to write a guest blog (the first

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11 Ways to Change Eating Habits

11 Ways to Change Eating Habits. Gosh! I just realised that I missed my 2 year anniversary of launching this blog by 17 days! Weep! So to celebrate that day, I revisited my first post.  The title was

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