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How To Make Coconut Milk From Scratch

Short’n’Sweet! Here it is: How To Make Coconut Milk From Scratch If you’re serious about making your own food from scratch and doing it as quickly as possible, I can highly recommend purchasing

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Fermented Almond Milk Smoothie

Can you believe it’s Friday already?! Doesn’t a short week whizz by like .. well, a short week? 😉 Went for my daily walk and during filming by the river I had a lovely chat with the lady

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Raw Juice – Fermented

I filmed this video this morning, just before a man arrived to fix our fence. Tonight, I added in the fancy bits. “Fancy bits?” I hear you say. Fancy bits on an iPhone? Well.  Kind of. Part

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Kefir Smoothie with Almond Milk

Hey You! I had to get up this morning to check through last night’s post.  Boy was I wiped last night.  Found soooo many typos first thing today! AND I’d checked, re-checked it, done the

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Coconut Cream – What to Do when it Turns Solid!

You know when you don’t mean something to happen, but it does … and it kind of works out ok? Well that happened this morning! And I’d like to share it with you .. Coconut Cream To clarify

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You Saw it Here First – Video Footage of Friendly Bacteria Eating Human Pathogens!

You Couldn’t Make it Up A few weeks ago I was rummaging around on the internet looking for something specific and somehow (you know how it is, one page leads to another that leads to another!) I

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A Fermenting Day with The Master

Today I must tell you about a very special guy.  His name is Sandor Katz, who’s widely considered to be the world revivalist of Fermentation. I was delighted to attend a class of his a few weeks

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