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Lunching With Friends

Last week I shared the recipe for the warm pear salad I served at lunch with my friend Hayley last summer. Here we are, chatting ten to the dozen on our patio at home about each other’s work and

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Warm Pear Salad

Warm Pear Salad Last summer, a lovely Facebook friend and fellow blogger (Hayley from Downs Side Up) visited me one afternoon. With short notice, I changed the menu to the ingredients available in the

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Kitchen Tips Episode 1

Kitchen Tips Episode 1 I’ve been live streaming on Facebook the past few months and thought perhaps you may like to see some of the ideas I shared with my friends and followers. 🙂 In this video

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Laughter Is Happiness

Laughter Is Happiness Today I wanted to revisit a post that received the most views to date I’ve had for my little blog. I wanted to share with you that spontaneity, having fun – and not worrying

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Quick Meals

Helloooo! Back in the summer I hopped on Face-Time ‘Live’ to chat to my friends and followers about putting together quick lunches, with various home made foods. At least one of those recipes

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Energy Balls Video Tutorial

Energy Balls Video Tutorial If you haven’t checked my Facebook Live Streams yet, head over to my public page: @Fermented Foody and take a look at the food tutorials and sharing that’s going

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Making Dairy Kefir Milk

It’s time! We’ve covered making coconut milk from scratch, turning that into coconut kefir milk and done a little re-cap. All those videos are on my YouTube channel, which you can find when

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My Husband Tried To Kill Me

Yup! Back in May I took up cycling, after a 5 year absence of both peddling and any focussed exercise. To say I felt like a beginner is as much of an understatement as the line: ‘A camel has bad

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A Re-Cap on Making Coconut Kefir

Helloooo! Today’s video is a quick re-cap on making new batches of coconut kefir milk using existing coconut kefir milk. You can use this principal for all non dairy milks!     This is

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Making Coconut Kefir Milk

I dooo hope you have a wonderful weekend! I kept m’self busy yesterday going pillion with hubs. Down to the coast he sped – I mean pottered 😉 – and the sun kept us warm and smiley

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