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How Much Sugar is Okay Per Day?

Ain’t that the leading question?! The debate will rage on forever I’m sure, but in the mean-time, here are some guidelines to how to determine what’s good and what isn’t … The

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7 Top Tips For Reducing Your Sugar Intake

One of the best things you can do for your sugar intake is to check labels.  Labels are littered with hidden sugars (and other unpleasant ingredients).  Without checking them, how can you be sure of

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Is Salt Good For You?

Salt is a key component in many ferments. But it’s long held quite a controversial position as a condiment. During the fermentation process, it: Draws water from vegetables and fruits Hardens the

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The Health Benefits of Dates

Yesterday, I posted my chocolate orange sweet recipe, packed with nutrients from dates, nuts, seeds and honey. The health benefits of dates means they are considered by many to be the ‘King of Dried

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