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11 Salad Essentials

As a busy person, you’re looking to eat healthily and quickly. Right? It won’t be long before the weather warms up, so for us (while we dream of warmer days!) and readers from around the globe

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What Are Natural Flavours?

As you will know if you read my posts regularly, I’m a bit of a label freak and don’t buy anything packaged to stock in my kitchen for regular use unless I understand and approve the label. What

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What Are Goji Berries

Last Monday’s post, Goji Berry and Coconut Sauce, was received with interest. While the recipe garnered some ‘sound yummy’ responses, not everyone knew about goji berries, so here’s

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How To Eat on the Cheap or Free

Late last year, one of my followers wrote (on screen – ‘live’ on a Periscope broadcast) that she couldn’t afford the best, freshest produce. That just eating well was too expensive

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How To Stock Your Fridge With Healthy Food

I often receive emails and messages from readers asking me how to begin stocking their fridge with better quality food. This is a typical fridge full of food in our home. It’s a healthy way to start

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Batch Cooking

Batch Cooking Chopping a few vegetables, making milk from scratch, frying up some goodies etc can so easily be done in large quantities. What you can make for 4 people in 1 1/2 hours you can make for 24

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Vanilla Powder Vs Vanilla Extract

I was asked about vanilla powder this week; what it is and could my recipe for cashew nut butter use a vanilla extract rather than powder. Here’s a round-up on the difference between the two … Vanilla

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Vegetable Oils

Oil is such a big subject! I started reading more about it last year and narrowed down my choices. I also spoke with my naturopath more recently and tweaked the list further. As a general rule, unrefined,

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Why You Should Read Food Labels

Oh I do get cross!! I noticed a post in a Facebook group this week.  Someone with good intention had recommended that a particular brand of vanilla protein powder was used in my ‘Cashew Vanilla

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Dirty Dozen And Clean Fifteen

Hey You! Hope you’re having an AMAZING week? It’s easy to be glib on a blog, joke around and have a giggle. However, I know it’s not all pretty/easy/happy for everyone every day. I’m

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