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The 7 Best Sources of Dietary Iodine

I have come across many people with thyroid issues since launching this blog and because of that, I asked my naturopath the best sources of dietary iodine, so I could share them with you. Our bodies don’t

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Potassium Rich Foods

A couple of months back, a U.S. reader wrote to me to tell me that she had followed a random online recipe for a drink that claimed to be a ‘detox drink.’ It made her violently ill. So much

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Raw Cacao vs Cocoa

There’s much confusion about the difference between cacao and cocoa. Let’s clear it up right here! 🙂 Raw Cacao vs Cocoa Raw cacao and cocoa begin life at the same source. Cacao (or cocoa)

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Why Is Wheat Bad For You

Why wheat is bad for you … With over a million people in the UK opting for gluten free food now, Dr Harold Gaier (my naturopath) explains more about wheat, rye, barley and other glutenous grains.

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Foods That Fight Disease

Foods That Fight Disease Foods That Fight Disease There are many foods that do this job for us, but today I’d like to focus on phytochemicals, also referred to as phytonutrients. These are biologically

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Natural Cough Remedies

If you catch a little sniffle/cold/bug that leads to a cough – what do you turn to? General Good Practices for Sniffles/Colds Sauerkraut (including drinking some of the probiotic juice –

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Are Fermented Foods Good For Digestion

Today we hear from Jennifer Lippe, who lives in the beautiful area of Maine. She and her family enjoy the benefits of having sufficient land to keep chickens and grow their own fruit and vegetables. Since

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10 Ways to Eat Yourself Well

Eating well isn’t about a fad diet, cutting down on essential foods like good fat, or eliminating major food groups; unless of course there’s a reason such as allergies, illness or you’ve

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Which Rice Has The Least Arsenic

Which Rice Has The Least Arsenic Rice is a subject that brings with it a heated debate. Since last October I’ve been adding zero sugar to my own recipes. I’ve added some natural sugars to meals

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Weight Loss Plans

Promises of weight loss and a healthier you. Enticing to many? Recently, I noticed some PR for a ready meal ‘weight loss’ company I’d not heard about, so I popped online to check them

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