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Mixed Fermented Vegetables

I promised yesterday to post the recipe for that bubblicious jar of vegetables featured in yesterday’s video.  When I’ve used cultured powder starters to date, the veg tend to take around

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Green Velvet Refresher (It’s Cheeky! ;-)

It’s time we embraced vegetables!  What have you eaten today?  Did you squeeze some cheeky green veg into your meal plan? 🙂 Fancy a smoothie? (I hear you girls.  Not that kind of smoothie.

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Raw, Fermented Fruit Coulis

So you’ve fermented your berries but you need a little berry sauce to dress your dish.  Perhaps a ‘no-cheese, raw cheesecake,’ yoghurt mix, cereal, ice-cream, a pancake. There’s

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Fermented Berries

Relaxing on the patio of a cafe in Richmond park under a cluster of pleached trees with panoramic views across the county of Middlesex and the Surrey Hills, the afternoon melted (almost literally!) away

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Mixed Berry Yoghurt Crunch

Mixed Berry Yoghurt Crunch Another gorrrrgeous day today!  It’s like being on holiday, sunning on the patio at the moment. Mr Him is away from the office confines at the moment, so we’re lazing around

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How Do You Ferment Ginger

How Do You Ferment Ginger This is going to be a reeealllly short post.  You know why? Because this is a reeeealllllllyyyy easy thing to do! Gather Your Goodies Fresh Ginger Salt Mineral Water It’s

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Fermented Porridge

Gather Your Goodies 1 Cup of Rolled or Steel Cut Oats (steel cut are harder to chew and digest, therefore it’s definitely a good idea to ferment before eating them) 2 Cups of Water Sea Salt (if you

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