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Pickled Onions

Oh I dooo like a Ploughman’s! Isn’t it ANY time of year that you can grab a hunk of bread, some cheese, chutney and a pickled onion or two? (Of course, you can use any bread, any cheese that

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Vegetarian Pate in the Raw

Busy busy today, so I rushed to the fridge to make a quick probiotic snack and grabbed whatever I had to hand. It’s my favourite way of eating day-to-day, but it means you need to keep some good

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Making Kimchi

Ouch! I’m not very good with spicy foods.  I’ve had people ask me if I make kimchi and the answer is nooooooo! It’s soooo hot and I don’t tolerate or enjoy super hot foods very

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Pink Sauerkraut

Pink Sauerkraut Ooh, Really?! I hadn’t made a sauerkraut for a while.  Cabbage, fermented on it’s own with salt, is beyond delicious. But I figured it would be an idea to throw a few more vegetables

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Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits – And How to Make it!

A few years ago, I was introduced to Apple Cider Vinegar.  Lovely, she was.  Still is.  😉 It’s not every day you’re impressed enough with a new food ingredient to consider ditching

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Strawberry Kefir Yoghurt Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice-Cream Gather Your Goodies (you know the form now ..) 1/2 Cup of Coconut Kefir 1/2 Cup of Sheep’s Yoghurt (Oh go on, you can use cow’s if you like, but I don’t buy cow’s yoghurt

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Fermented Orange Rind

This super quick preparation is to use in the orange ice-cream recipe I posted a few days ago. Gather Your Goodies Fermented Orange Rind Oranges Ooh, Really?! In the photo, you will see that I have fermented

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Gluten Free Pancake

Introducing Cardiff Mummy to you! A few weeks ago I was mooching about in a mum’s blogging forum and happened upon a blog post from Cardiff Mummy. She was singing the praises of her husband’s

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Orange Ice Cream

I’m sooo excited to share this with you! But first, I have to tell you what’s been happening Chez Moi in the kitchen of late. You see, with my love of kefir being only  ‘just‘

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Fermented Vegetable Patè

Yesterday I posted a fermented vegetable recipe and today I’d like to share a quick, raw pate I created from the vegetables. Gather Your Goodies Topping: A spoonful of vegetables (or as much as

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