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Cucumber Pickles

Cucumber pickles, homemade ones (!), are one of the most heavenly of ferments. They were also one of the first I ever made and I truly couldn’t believe the difference to shop bought pickles, preserved

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Ginger Bug Recipe

Do you enjoy a glass of wine/beer/cider/vodka whatever, in the evening and wish you could switch to something a little less alcoholic on occasion? “Noooo!” I hear you cry. Haha. Okay, well

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Kefir Fruit Sundae

When you think about foods you love and then think ‘ I’m not allowed that anymore’ it can have such a negative impact on the way we feel about healthy food. Since embarking on new eating

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How Do You Make Yoghurt From Milk

Have I chosen the lazy way? I’m not sure yet! I drifted away from sheep and goat’s yoghurt a year or more ago, when kefir filled the gap. I recently returned to it, for the purposes of making

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Pickled Cucumbers

This recipe is one of my all time favourites and a staple in the Fermented Foody fridge. In the meantime, here’s how you make the most delicious cucumber pickles, wallies, gherkins (or whatever you

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Almond Pancake

Having a good day? Hope so! Ooooh! You may have joined me after this was published and I wouldn’t want you to miss out. Pancakes are a lovely dessert at ANY time of year and this is a chunky little

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Pecan, Mango and Coconut Kefir Smoothie

Mmmmmmmm! Today I was snooping about to see what I had that appealed to me for a mid morning smoothie. I’ve just made LOADS of coconut kefir milk, had a few pecans left in a bag and … lots

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Preserved Lemons and Limes Recipe

Hey You! How’s your weekend going? GLORIOUS weather again here today! 🙂 I’d like to share one of my fermented fridge basics with you. At ALL times I have a jar of each of these to hand.

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Vanilla Rum Extract

On Tuesday we talked about how to make vanilla extract. If you read through that article before you make the recipe below, it features a few ideas/tips for making extracts that you may find helpful.

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Vanilla Extract

I decided to use two different alcohols for my first extracts, because the flavours will be perfect for different types of recipes. Some will bask in the glory of a rich rum where others would drown. If

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