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BBQ'd Food

BBQ’d Food

We have good enough weather to Barbeque. Hoorahhh!

Have 41 seconds to share? This is a short video!

My husband isn’t a fan of what he likes to call ‘burnt, raw food.’ I’ve never cooked a barbeque-style meal for him because he has made it clear that he will never play chef at the ‘coal face’ so to speak! (Pun intended. Ha.)

However, I couldn’t resist, after years of BBQ draught, insisting we eat ‘Al Fresco’ and give this baby a try. In honour of resistance, I used a throwaway BBQ and, rushing the first batch somewhat (the coals need to turn white and the flames need to stop flickering before you cook) because .. well, I explain that in the video (lol) we managed to produce a decent, un-charred, 2nd batch. Ha ha ha.

And guess what? He even turned the meat while we ate. Oh. My. Goodness.

And yes, the 3 marinades were yumbo. Thank you for asking. Wink.

In honesty, I prefer the chicken oven roasted (simple/delicious instructions for that will be in the book) … but the lamb? Per-lease. Too good fresh off the coals.

Here’s the feast, in all it’s glory. Those kebabs were top! (There’s only ONE cheese to use .. and it’ll rock any kebab.)

Teasing you is now my favourite game. Tee hee. If I don’t garner a book deal when I send this in, I’m marching you all up to my chosen agent’s office to insist they sign us up!! You ready? 😉

BBQ’d Food

Toodle-Oo for now!

BBQ'd Food

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