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Batch Cooking

Batch Cooking

Chopping a few vegetables, making milk from scratch, frying up some goodies etc can so easily be done in large quantities.

What you can make for 4 people in 1 1/2 hours you can make for 24 in 3 hours! Trust me. I’ve been doing it for years and it’s SUCH a time saver.

Don’t know where to start?

I don’t offer batch cook recipes here on this blog at the moment.  However, I would love to help you to organise your kitchen and make your life easier in general.

Ideas for Batch Cooking

  • Look online or visit your local cheap shops or supermarket to purchase freezer containers.
    • I use tinfoil ones. I buy in bulk (naturally – haha) and have only bought once since I did this 2 years ago. 1000 small containers, with cardboard lids backed with foil.
    • The same with a slightly larger size. 4 small boxes, stored away somewhere not far from the kitchen, so any-time there’s leftover food in the fridge (another regular occurence, since I rarely manage to cook for 1 or 2!) it can be spooned into a storage container, labelled up and frozen. At the least, keep sufficient in stock to suit the number of people in your household.
    • Why do this? It’s not just about saving waste. It’s for those busy (sometimes unexpected or tired days) when you realise you can simply reach into the freezer and pull out a ready meal/snack/sweet/dessert and relish the fact that there’s no preparation needed to eat something made from scratch. (Note: Do remember to remove the tinfoil container  and transfer to stainless steel, china or glassware before cooking your meal. It’s not a healthy material in which to heat foods.)
  • Check out one of your favourite recipes.
  • Choose one that freezes well.
  • Multiply the recipe by 4 – or whatever suits you.
  • Make your shopping list.
  • Buy the ingredients.
  • Reserve some kitchen time for yourself
  • Cook!
  • Allow meals to cool while you write out the labels
  • Package up
  • Freeze
  • Smile quietly, knowing you have a bunch of scrumptiously healthy meals in the freezer.

I enjoyed a few of these afternoons before Christmas and popped no less than 88 meals in the freezer for my husband. To feed my habit (pun intended!) we bought a spare chest freezer for the garage. Look online to find bargains. Gumtree is a great place to search for second hand goods (often in very good condition) that will serve a purpose without breaking your bank balance.

Hubs enjoys a chicken casserole and has recently taken to making his own one on a Sunday that takes him through the working week. It’s super simple. We choose a bunch of vegetables, add a filler (he uses pearl barley, you could use a gluten free carb such as millet, quinoa or rice) some stock and pressure cooker the lot. It’s super fast to do. In less than an hour you have 5-6 meals (from a 7 litre pot). I prefer to eat mostly freshly cooked food, but we’re all busy people and practicality is key!

My Own Batch Preparation

Check the flatbread recipe that I make in bulk. (There are 3 on the blog: sundried tomato and olive, red onion and rosemary’n’caper).

I also make large quantities of sugar free ice cream and freeze that down too. Yippedy yo! Healthy ice cream ready to eat, allowing for just a little time to defrost.

Why not try a batch meal this week? 🙂

See you soon!



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Robyn says

Ah, batch cooking! I miss it. When I moved, I lost my freezer space and so also lost batch cooking 🙁
I love your ideas here though and look forward to using them one day when we purchase a house!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Ah. Yes. It does require a freezer! If there’s room, it’s possible to store an extra one in a rented property too though.:-) .. I’m sure you’ll be feeding your famille just beautifully Robyn. x

Paola says

Batch cooking is great specially if you are a very busy person.
Unfortunately right now hubby and I both have quite a lot of time free, and we enjoy cooking together which is great so we are enjoying the cooking everyday together for now.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Nothing wrong with that Paola. It’s a lovely thing to do! This is for busy people who don’t have that luxury. I’d opt for cooking daily any-time if life was slow enough. 🙂

Elizabeth says

This is a very good idea, and one I should employ more often. I suppose I do batch cook in that there are always leftovers that I freeze and reuse, but making full meals in freezer proof containers is such a great idea.

Gilly Maddison says

Goodness, you’ve been busy! I take my hat off to people who are a whiz in the kitchen because I have never been into cooking since my children grew up. I used to grow all my own food in the kitchen through having a sprouting farm. Every surface and cupboard was involved! Very cheap and healthy way to eat. But I got lazy about it, mainly because my big obsession is crafting and every minute in the kitchen takes me away from that 🙂 However now there is a new generation of Nutri-Bullet type blenders, I am stuffing myself full of green veg smoothies and it suits my digestive system really well. My husband loves cooking his own dinner so we are both happy! It struck me while reading this that what you do is very much a craft – your kitchen is your craft room and a much better organised one than mine right now!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Sounds like you have a perfect arrangement Gilly! I eat differently to my hubs too. What works for us both is great. 🙂 It’s an interesting perspective, that creating recipes is a craft. I do feel it is actually. To stand and look at ingredients and work out how to prep and blend them together, to cook/make and photograph is all creative work. It’s such fun. What do you craft yourself? You have me curious now. 😉

Wendy Tomlinson says

Another great post. Batch cooking definitely works in my house. It saves so much time.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Great to see there are mums on board Wendy. 🙂

verushka says

Batch cooking does sound like a plan. I generally do things like meatballs,fishcakes and crumbed lamb chops. 2016 work smarter not harder

    Sarah Jackson says

    Hear hear to that Verushka!

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