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Laughter Is Happiness

Laughter Is Happiness Today I wanted to revisit a post that received the most views to date I’ve had for my little blog. I wanted to share with you that spontaneity, having fun – and not worrying

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The Story of Kefir

The Story Of Kefir I set you aside and forget you for 48 hours; no nurturing required. Within the curves of those glass walls, magic is being created. The simple orange seal that stops you breathing (I’m

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Which Is The Most Beautiful Vegetable

Which Is The Most Beautiful Vegetable No Contest. The Romanesca Cauliflower has to be the most stunning of nature’s foods. Albeit my photo doesn’t do them justice, but it was still a stunning

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We Are What We Eat

We Are What We Eat For today’s task I took my line from ‘The Concise Human Body Book’ by Steve Parker. I’m SO enjoying this challenge. (See details at foot of this post.) How much

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Are Blue Foods Good For You

Are Blue Foods Good For You Sure they are! Here’s a little blueberry juice … They are: High in antioxidants (one of the top sources) and phytochemicals, which help to renew liver cells and

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What Does The Sun Give You

What Does The Sun Give You Ooh, lots and lots! Let’s jot down a few benefits: The Happiness Thung! Would you say a good whack of the population enjoy sunshine? It just seems to bring out the smiles.

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Food For Health

Food For Health Today I decided to build a tower of super healthy food and, let’s be honest, I didn’t go about it in the best possible way! See those bags of flour on the floor? I tried to

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Cheaper Organic Food

It’s all about food and wellbeing for the next couple of months. Today I’ll begin posting my entries to a month long Artistic Challenge and will be theming it around food and health. I have

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A New Start

Good Morning! Did you see Saturday’s post? Don’t forget to make a note of your favourite words for 2017 and keep them close! A New Start I plan to share different content with you this year.

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Happy New Year

Gosh. That first week flew by … I hope the first week of this year has been a positive one for you? Have you ever created a vision board? This time last year I watched a few YouTube videos about

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