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Gluten Free Vegan Pasta Dish

Hey Friends Wow, it’s been a long time since I wrote here. I hope you’ve been keeping well. Here’s a quick pasta dish I rustled up when the fridge and freezer were almost empty this week. Switch

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Taking Control Of Your Health

Taking Control Of Your Health Why my lungs dictate how I eat and which type of fire I can enjoy …  The weather is cold here on the south coast now. I know some friends in the U.S. have already experienced

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Pesto Sushi Rolls

Hey Friend! Welcome to the NEW LOOK blog, with my adventures detailed in video, rather than just the written word. Expect the unexpected … food/fitness/motivation/spiritual mutterings – don’t

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Christmas Greetings

Hey Friends I hope you had time (or are prepping) to stop and breathe today, before you gathered with family or friends (or both) to eat, drink and catch up around the table. I usually write a Christmas

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My 21 Day Water Fast

Hey You! The last few weeks threw up a couple of curved balls: firstly an emergency that took me away from home for a few days; I then fell head first down 11 stairs at home. More of that in a future post. So

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Day 16 of My Water Fast

I went OTT again. Haha. The first week, as you will know if you watched last week’s video, presented its challenges. However, I could see changes were happening to my body (aside from weight loss)

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My Water Fast

Yup, In the thirst for knowledge about natural health (pun intended – pnarf) I had a stab at a water fast late last year. I managed just two days before giving in at around 2-3 am, scurrying downstairs

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Fresh Pan Fried Fish

Hey You! How’s about this then? There I was on the beach (cash in my pocket, just in case!) and I walked past a fisherman packing up for the day. He dug out 8 beautiful fresh herring for me and into

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Quick Healthy Lunch Idea

Hey Friend! Here’s something speedy for you to make. No recipe included. Just a really simple idea that’s filling and nutritious. You’ll be able to find all sorts of ingredients in your

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My New YouTube Channel

Squeeeee! I’ve launched a new YouTube channel! If you’d like to see all my videos in one place, no searchin’, with some edited down to diddy ones (quicker viewing) please go check this

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