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apple sauce recipe

Apple Sauce Recipe

This is one of those simple preparations you could do on a quiet night; even a biggish batch of it? 😉 I know, there I go again.  Batch cooking. Haha.

Freeze these down and you can make a sweet and sour sauce in the time it takes to pull on your favourite woolly bed socks.

apple sauce recipeGather Your Goodies

1/2 Cup Filtered/Mineral Water

5 Medium Apples

It’s Action Time!

Peel your apples with a small, sharp knife.

Remove the cores and pips.

Pour the water into your high-speed blender.

Place the apple pieces in next.

Put the lid firmly on and either pulse or run your machine (slowly speeding it up) until the apples have become a sauce.

It takes just a few seconds!

Spoon the sauce into square or long ice cubes, taking note of how many tablespoons are in each one.  That way, when you freeze them, you know how many to remove for any given recipe.  Better to use 1 tablespoon and have a small ice-cube (even if it’s smaller than the shape of the shape you’re pouring the fruit juice into) and know that it’s exactly one tablespoon, if you feel more comfortable following recipes exactly. 🙂

Ooh, Really?!

You’re looking for a firm’ish apple sauce mixture. It will pour, but won’t be runny. Add the water at your own pace and adjust the volume if necessary.

When using pineapple, juice the fruit first (to remove all the fibre) and use the juice to add to your sauce.

I store my frozen sauce in foil containers like the one in this featured photo, write details on the lid of what’s inside and they’re easy and neat to stack up in the freezer.  You can buy them in your local supermarket or DIY store.

I hope you found this little tip handy!

See you tomorrow with the main dish ..

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Nicole says

Doesn’t look too hard! Might give it a try 🙂 Thanks for this!

Nadine says

Hi Sarah I love the way you write, I also love all the healthy and smart ideas on your blog. I have not tried any yet but will do for sure one day, I specially like the kefire milk idea.

An enlightened one 😉

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thank you Nadine. I really appreciate your feed-back. It’s reassuring to hear that the things I’m sharing are helpful to you. I hope you try a few simple ideas out soon.

    I’d start with the veg if I were you. Super easy and nothing special to buy. Then try the kefir (with a can of coconut milk) just to try it. Or perhaps kefir grains with dairy milk. If it’s too sour for you, just add some fruit/honey and blend it into the milk to make a simple smoothie.

    Lovely to have you here. Please ask if you ever have any questions. Happy to help wherever I can.

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