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Added Sugar Free Sweet Treats


I do hope August was a happy and healthy month for you. 🙂

Today’s broadcast was filmed back at the end of June when I was busy creating some added sugar-free sweet treats for the immune boosting book I’m writing with my health physician. It’s very exciting to be putting together recipes that help to keep gut flora healthy and also satisfy a sweet tooth. Moderation is wise when eating sweet treats (what’s moderation? hehe)

Moderation is wise when eating sweet treats (what’s moderation? hehe) because fruit, whilst being beneficial for nutrients and fibre, is also full of its own natural fructose sugar. However, there’s nothing quite like eating a cake, brownie, slice of Millionaire’s Shortbread knowing that it won’t be doing anything negative to your gut flora. Woo hoo!

So here’s the tease for today … All these should be winging their way to you in the form of a book. I’m being asked every day when this book will be ready for purchase. Watch this space! I’m writing up the highlights right now, so it will be sent to my chosen agent very soon!

Enjoy … 🙂

See you soooon!

Added Sugar-Free Sweet Treats 

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