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A Re-Cap on Making Coconut Kefir


Today’s video is a quick re-cap on making new batches of coconut kefir milk using existing coconut kefir milk.

You can use this principal for all non dairy milks!

Blueberry Almond Kefir Ice Cream



This is a blueberry and almond kefir icecream … There are sooo many delicious foods you can make with kefir milks!





A Re-Cap on Making Coconut Kefir

Coming next .. Making Dairy Milk Kefir, using kefir grains. I’ve just filmed some new videos and will be posting those in a week or two’s time. Keep an eye out!

In the mean-time, I recently made THE most delicious raw cashew nut vanilla butter and I’ve been nudged to share it here, so look out for that on Thursday. 🙂

Have a great day!!


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Robyn says

Your recipes always inspire me to take better care of myself! This one isn’t any different! I always want to run into my kitchen and start whipping up whatever recipe you’ve shared! YUM!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thank you Robyn. I’m hoping that one day you send me a bunch of photos and tell me you made some of them with your lovely kids. 🙂

Paola says

Ooh That looks and seems soooo good!

Wendy Tomlinson says

That ice cream looks amazing Sarah.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Wendy. It’s pretty yum. 😉

Cynthia Fox says

Thanks for sharing. I’m excited to do this. I make my own ice cream and this will be fantastic.

    Sarah Jackson says

    That’s great Cynthia! I have ice cream recipes coming to you in the future too!

Nicole says

Thanks Sarah – I’m going to have give this a go one of these days!

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