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The Story of Kefir

The Story Of Kefir

I set you aside and forget you for 48 hours; no nurturing required.

Within the curves of those glass walls, magic is being created. The simple orange seal that stops you breathing (I’m sooo sorry, not sorry; ha) gives new life to the milk within. Dairy, non-dairy .. you treat them in the same way. Wow. You’re good at this!

By a miracle of nature, the lack of new oxygen – along with the ability for sufficient carbon dioxide to escape – prevents the glass from cracking and allows good bacteria burst into life.

Tiny bubbles fizzle away; your natural carbonation.

On cue, I pop in to collect you from our utility room. Hello again! I’ve missed youuuuu!

And there you are. A beautiful, health giving drink. Sweet, yet tart; waiting to be stirred and poured into a glass, second fermented with sweet fruits, or used in a multitude of ways that will enhance other meals and snacks with your natural probiotics and incredible flavour.

Whenever you are enjoyed in a drink or meal, you multiply the good bacteria in the gut and overpower some of the bad bacteria, helping to balance the flora and maintain a healthier body.

Thank you for being you. You changed my life.


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The Story of Kefir

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