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My Husband Tried To Kill Me

Yup! Back in May I took up cycling, after a 5 year absence of both peddling and any focussed exercise. To say I felt like a beginner is as much of an understatement as the line: ‘A camel has bad breath.’

I sweetly asked my husband the best route through our local park. Sweetly being the wisest way to find out good information. Right? 😉

Without wishing to spoil your video viewing, it turned out that I took the wrong route. Doh! However, I was convinced, during the filming of this video, that I was on the right course. Trust me. I wasn’t the happiest bunny!

My Husband Tried to Kill Me



























My Husband Tried To Kill Me

I hope you feel suitably entertained!

A bientot ..

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Robyn says

And this is why I love you!! AMAZING JOB!!

Verushka says

Your title instantly caught my attention. Well done 🙂

Paola says

This was hillarious!!!
Make your husband do the same route!

    Sarah Jackson says

    He said he avoids it Paola! Haha. I did hear it incorrectly though. He thought I was a right numpty! 😉

Gilly Maddison says

Don’t worry – I’ve called the police. Bad man! How cruel to kill someone with a bicycle. This is a great video – you are a natural – wish I had the courage!!!!! Looking forward to the next one.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Hehe. Thanks Gilly. Glad you enjoyed it. 😉 .. There’s more where that came from. I do have some kefir ones to post that are more sensible though. I kind of feel I have to be all grown up in the tutorial videos. That may all go to pot at some stage though. Who knows? We’ll see how everyone reacts to them! 😉

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