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Making Dairy Kefir Milk

Making Dairy Kefir Milk

It’s time! We’ve covered making coconut milk from scratch, turning that into coconut kefir milk and done a little re-cap. All those videos are on my YouTube channel, which you can find when you watch today’s link. 🙂

You can use the same principal for soy/nut milks. I’ll film more videos in future to talk about those too.

Today we’re going to tackle cow’s dairy kefir milk.

It’s SO quick to make, you won’t believe it!!

Here’s a potted history about kefir:

Making Dairy Kefir Milk

Making Kefir Dairy Milk

Watch it now!

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Emily says

Really cool video! I am just learning all about making kefir, both water and milk and have found it to be really confusing! But this video was really helpful. I have found that most of the powder culture starters have dried milk in them and I want to make a totally dairy free kefir with almond or coconut milk. Any suggestions?

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