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Laughter Is Happiness

Laughter Is Happiness

Today I wanted to revisit a post that received the most views to date I’ve had for my little blog.

I wanted to share with you that spontaneity, having fun – and not worrying what other people think when they see you having that fun – is another piece of the jigsaw of happiness.

If you’re doing no harm to anyone and just enjoying a giggle, who’s to grumble?

Here’s my car dancing video. Because it’s always ok to car dance. 😉

A Bientot …

Car Dancing

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I love to experiment with food, write, read, walk by the river, watch vintage TV dramas, good documentaries and comedy.

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Annette says

Loving the car dancing. I am often to be seen car dancing andvUvlivectivsee the expressions in people’s faces when they see me

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