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How To Make Coconut Milk From Scratch

How ARE you this week? I dooo hope you’re having a positive one. 🙂

If you’re short on time and would rather ‘cut to the chase’ scoot to the foot of this post and the link to your coconut milk video tutorial is there.

If you fancy a catch up … read on!

Yesterday was a crazy day here at Fermented Towers! I attended two events in London, drove through torrential rain (I mean, torrential) from one to the other, partook in a little car accident in between events (rather frustrating) and apart from the hiccup, had a rip roaring, fun day that stretched from 5.30 am (the time I rose, after a mere 2 hours sleep – weep) until 12.30 am today, after a late night journey home that extended to traversing a giant loop around a gridlocked area of London that threatened to disallow a route home to my beloved.

Gosh how he pined for me.


London isn’t the easiest city to navigate. If you live here or have visited, you’ll know what I mean. There’s a generously sized area in which you simply can’t stop, whatever the reason.

Double yellow lines, single yellow lines with ambiguous parking threats, red routes, bus routes, chevrons. You name it, we’ve got it. It’s a ‘keep driving or risk receiving a heavy fine or a towed vehicle’ type place.

Aside from that malarkey, sat nav is my bestest in-car friend.

Oh, the days when I would plan work journeys to children’s parties for 2-3 hours on a Friday night, using an A-Z book of London, bookmarking pages and writing additional notes, because driving with a huge book on your lap wasn’t really conducive to ‘safety first.’

Sat nav, it has to be said, does relieve stress. It doesn’t, however, extend to sourcing handy car parks.

How I succeeded in noticing an almost invisible, deserted looking space on the way through a back road in East London, I have zero idea! Call it divine intervention if you will. At any rate, a car park cried out to me without warning.

Why? To be honest, after almost 2 hours in the car, a call of nature was speeding my desire to park and, with still no clue as to how to find the nearest car park to my destination venue (apparently it was at least a 20 minute walk from the front door), I swung in to ask if I could stop for 5 minutes, in order to pop the boutique.

To the owner’s credit, he did (albeit somewhat grumpily) grant me my five, giving me the opportunity to meet a fabulous young woman called Chelsea who was hosting a pop up cafe within the boutique nearby.

I’ll give you more details about Chelsea in a few weeks time. For people local to Richmond, Surrey, she will soon be opening her own cafe there this very autumn and, as a keen creator of a host of delicious salads and raw sweet desserts, will – I imagine – prove hugely popular to the town.

So yummy was my early lunch that I returned en route to picking up the car later in the day and indulged in what can only be described as THE most delicious cup of tea I have EVER enjoyed. Truly! I’m not a lover of traditional English tea. I don’t drink cow’s milk and liken the taste of all ‘brown teas’ to an unpleasant metal. Fruit or herbal varieties are usually my only pit stop.

The ingredients of this new curious elixir? (Yup. It had some healing properties to boot.) A mushroom base, turmeric and another ingredient, filled to the brim with frothy tiger nut milk.

Oh per-lease! Just typing those words makes me long for another! Divinity in a mug.

Recipe ideas and ingredient sources were casually exchanged. The usual foodie courtesies.

Naturally, I’ll be sourcing my own ingredients (I expected and requested that Chelsea keep her own extra special recipe top secret!) to create a drink in homage to the one I was treated to at teatime yesterday. And that recipe I will share with you. Hold fire. It may take a few weeks to work track down the right ingredients and get back to you. Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait. I’ve already purchased a milk frother. £10. Done!

This tea is café latte’s favourite cousin, except heaps better. And no caffeine!

So, back to the action …

The first event was hosted by the very lovely Julie Ruth Waddell, founder of The Little Food Academy. Julie’s an expert in how to take a product from idea to retail. And beyond. As creator of the incredibly delicious Moorish Humus smoked humus recipes (no, really, you have to try them – they’re something else – and this, from a die hard humus fan) let’s just she knows her retail onions.

Master chef, business owner and all round nice guy, Aldo Zilli kicked off the day with an engaging introduction.

2015-09-16 10.11.22

Julie has pulled together a team of industry experts, including:

Tess Stuart, a marketing genius

Sue, an ex buyer from Waitrose, with decades of experience under her belt.

And more!

It was a fascinating insight into the world of manufacturing, both small and factory scale, design, sales, legalities, implementation at every stage and a host of other aspects of taking products to market.

Not for the feint-hearted and a sure fire way to navigate the complex world of retail and food selling in general, without the head-ache of wondering ‘what do I need to do next?’

Julie’s website offers a range of courses for beginners and those ready to take the process further. Some great foodie networking under the belt (it’s a super friendly industry, I’m finding) … a walk through king sized puddles and two polite bites of an unbelievably sugary Indian sweet later (my own fault for asking what some stall holders were eating, whereupon they kindly offered me a taste) .. and I was back at the car park.

I’d lost the last £15 cash I’d kept by for cabs. Tipping out my purse with regret (there’s never a downside to holding onto coins for parking!) a disgruntled “I can’t take THAT!” greeted my delicate ears. And off Mr Grumpy sent me, into the most thunderous rain, to trek to a cashpoint, in order to pay in notes!

One generous soaking and a change of boots later – are you impressed with my foresight to take a spare pair? 😉 – Mr G lightened up, apologised for the lack of willingness to take coins .. and the twinkling lights of a cosy enclave in the West End of London beckoned.

A basement room packed with outgoing business people, all keen Periscopers (the latest ‘I have my very own TV channel on my smart phone at the press of one button’ App) is recipe enough for a great evening.

And a great evening it was!


Alex Pettitt, his lovely girlfriend Emily and me. Alex is Mr Periscope. In other words, if you’re using Periscope as a business owner, you need to be watching Alex to learn how to use it. He works closely with both Twitter AND Periscope and has the latest news first every time. Plus he has broadcast EVERY day on the App since it launched around 5 months ago. He’s your man!

You can find him under this name on both Periscope and Twitter:




Inga teaches social media skills.

You can find her on Periscope and Twitter on this name:



Katya is a master networker and is helping businesses to move forward in her Facebook group Peri10k

You can find her under this name on both Periscope and Twitter:




Hoorah! It’s someone else’s turn to look weirdy in a selfie. Haha!


Mark Shaw is a social media expert and all round nice guy.

Find him on Periscope and Twitter under the name:



Melanie Bundock teaches EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping! Now, before you dismiss this with a “What on earth is THAT?!” lemme share that I have a HUGE fear of big moths and one session of EFT helped me to stroke one as big as your granny’s knickers in the Thai jungle. That was HUGE. I mean the achievement. Not just the moth!

I need more sessions because if you don’t keep it up, fear/habits return. Melanie and I have booked in some tapping for the next meet up. Should be fun. In a bar! Haha.

You can find Melanie under this name on Periscope and Twitter:



Last, but not least, is Jane Yates. Jane launched her writing career only 3 years ago and is currently writing her 5th novel. Made me feel quite giddy! That’s some writing! Her books are ‘steam punk’ by category. Not a subject with which I’m familiar. If this is your genre, steam in! You’ll find her under her own name on Facebook as an author. Her latest book is called Garden.

Jane’s Periscope name is:



So there you have it. That’s my news for this week.

And so. Finally! To the coconut milk tutorial.

Here it is!

How To Make Coconut Milk From Scratch

Happy to share with you how easy it is to start making your own milk. If you’re serious about your health, I can highly recommend purchasing a high speed blender.

You won’t regret it and you will – no doubt! – find yourself using it several times a week, if not daily – and, before long, wonder how you ever managed without!

A bientot!

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