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Goji Berry and Coconut Sauce

This sauce can be used for so many dishess. On yoghurt/muesli/fresh fruit/to top ice cream .. even slavver onto a fruit bread.

Goji Berry and Coconut Sauce

Goji Berry and Coconut Sauce

Gather Your Goodies


½ cup Dehydrated Coconut Flakes
1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil

½ Cup Goji Berries (sugar free, with no additives)
2 Dates (don’t forget to pit them!)
½ Cup Water

It’s Action Time:


Melt the Coconut Oil on a low heat
Add the Coconut Flakes to the warm oil and cook gently, until lightly browned

Add ½ Cup Water to your high speed blender
Add the Dates and Goji Berries
Place the lid firmly on your machine
Blend to a paste, starting on a slow speed and gradually taking it higher

Pour B into A and stir on low heat until blended

Ooh, Really?!

I made this last summer to drizzle over home made ice cream. I wasn’t sure if my teenage taste testers would like this one, as it’s more unsual than some of my other ice cream toppings. To my surprise they gave it 9/10, so I’m hoping it’s a winner here too.

Goji Berry and Coconut Sauce

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Barb says

Wow, my mouth is watering as I look at this recipe. I never thought of an ice cream topping with Goji berries. Thanks for something else for me to try!

Elizabeth says

Gosh this sounds lovely! I’ve never thought of making an ice cream topping with goji berries before!

verushka says

yummy and so easy ! I am yet to still eat Goji Berries will need to get some asap.

Paola says

Oh that sounds soooo nice! I must definetly try this out. And if kids liked it, rarely an adult wont.

Trish says

This looks really good and easy! Thank you for sharing.

Cassarica says

This looks so yum, I just need to get my hands on some Goji berries! I love that it has no sugar as I’m going the sugar free route this year!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Cassarica, I have some old recipes where I used honey/palm sugar and I’m focused on updating them now that I don’t add any sugar to my food. It’s so easy to rely on them and I’m discovering how easy it is to change the ‘sweet’ aspect for a whole food, so at least you’re getting all the possible nutrients. Stick around. There’s more to come. 😉

Wendy Tomlinson says

Okay, now I’m on a mission. I have no idea what Goji berries are.

Robyn says

I’m not much for coconut, but I have to say this looks yum!!!

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