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Fermented Almond Milk Smoothie

Can you believe it’s Friday already?! Doesn’t a short week whizz by like .. well, a short week? 😉

Went for my daily walk and during filming by the river I had a lovely chat with the lady in this photo who then invited me to walk to town with her. Dooo love a social walk!

fermented almond milk smoothie

Made several little videos yesterday! More to show you another day.

For now though, here is an idea for a FERMENTED smoothie (note: I used fermented almond milk! Probiotic loveliness and scrumptiousness, all in one cup!)

Fermented Almond Milk Smoothie

Have a super week-end and if you’re near London, make sure you lap up the rest of the sunshine before it becomes chillier again next week!



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I love to experiment with food, write, read, walk by the river, watch vintage TV dramas, good documentaries and comedy.

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kimberly says

Sounds lovely Sarah. I really like your spirit and the way you presented your video – so realistic. And thanks for sharing the messy kitchen – its good to know i’m not alone!! 😛 But hey, in our defense – It doesn’t look like that always 🙂

    Sarah Jackson says

    I did worry about showing that terrible mess Kimberly. On days when I spend 7-10 hours in the kitchen (sometimes even more when I’m feeling super creative and can’t stop!) it’s chaos!

    I’m sure I spend as much time clearing up as I do creating recipes!

Robyn says

Well Done Sarah! I love your energy! I love your commentary! I love your recipes!! Thanks for sharing!

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