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My 21 Day Water Fast

Hey You! The last few weeks threw up a couple of curved balls: firstly an emergency that took me away from home for a few days; I then fell head first down 11 stairs at home. More of that in a future post. So

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Day 16 of My Water Fast

I went OTT again. Haha. The first week, as you will know if you watched last week’s video, presented its challenges. However, I could see changes were happening to my body (aside from weight loss)

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My New YouTube Channel

Squeeeee! I’ve launched a new YouTube channel! If you’d like to see all my videos in one place, no searchin’, with some edited down to diddy ones (quicker viewing) please go check this

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Kitchen Drama

Oh Myyyyy. You know when you wake up one day and you realise you simply cannot continue working the way you have done for years? Maybe you would leave your job. Just like that? (It’s not unheard

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Dancing with Broad Beans

Yup. It was always going to happen honey. Hahahaha. Not sure what else to say about this one. It was a spontaneous thung. As you know most of my stuff is. 😉 It’s only around 3 minutes long. Time

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Early Black Friday Offer

Hello Friends! In the approach to Black Friday I wanted to offer you something special before the big scrum! I have just 8 places left, so you’ll need to respond soon if you’d like to chat

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Ginger Biscuits

Ginger Biscuits This week I made a very exciting new ginger biscuits recipe for the book I’m writing. I’d had it in my mind that creating a ginger snap could just be the best biscuit to make.

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Sugar Free Jelly

Helloo! This week it’s fancy rice pudding and sugar-free jelly (that’s no added sugar) .. why add sugar if there’s no need? 😉 Please do join me over on Facebook, where we can chat

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Join My Waiting List!

Hey You! It’s time to update you on the latest news! I’m squirreling away, getting lots of new content together for you! There’s going to be a new website, this one is being refreshed

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Make Food Fun

  Make Food Fun As I was serving up my new jam tart recipe to hubs last week, he asked for yoghurt as well. An imp got the better of me and I created this silly face, hoping it would make him smile. Healthy

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