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Gosh, another year has already flown past! Whilst I embrace life with gratitude (little example: relatively young, with silver hair? lucky to be here and have it!) I’m not hugely keen on the passing

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Early Black Friday Offer

Hello Friends! In the approach to Black Friday I wanted to offer you something special before the big scrum! I have just 8 places left, so you’ll need to respond soon if you’d like to chat

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Ginger Biscuits

Ginger Biscuits This week I made a very exciting new ginger biscuits recipe for the book I’m writing. I’d had it in my mind that creating a ginger snap could just be the best biscuit to make.

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Sugar Free Jelly

Helloo! This week it’s fancy rice pudding and sugar-free jelly (that’s no added sugar) .. why add sugar if there’s no need? 😉 Please do join me over on Facebook, where we can chat

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Join My Waiting List!

Hey You! It’s time to update you on the latest news! I’m squirreling away, getting lots of new content together for you! There’s going to be a new website, this one is being refreshed

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Make Food Fun

  Make Food Fun As I was serving up my new jam tart recipe to hubs last week, he asked for yoghurt as well. An imp got the better of me and I created this silly face, hoping it would make him smile. Healthy

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Recipe For Happiness

Recipe For Happiness Here’s my recipe for happiness. What’s your recipe? January is such a great month to think about life and all its twists and turns, make plans for the year and start taking

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Is Walking Good For You

  Is Walking Good For You Sure it is … if you don’t go for a walk at dusk with my husband! Pnarf. I missed this day in the Facebook group and members who have done the same are taking

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Would You Have Regrets

Would You Have Regrets Why? Forgive me for being so reflective here, but if you were to become unwell because of a condition that was potentially avoidable – to the point where it impacted on your

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The Story of Kefir

The Story Of Kefir I set you aside and forget you for 48 hours; no nurturing required. Within the curves of those glass walls, magic is being created. The simple orange seal that stops you breathing (I’m

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