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Join My Waiting List!

Hey You! It’s time to update you on the latest news! I’m squirreling away, getting lots of new content together for you! There’s going to be a new website, this one is being refreshed

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Lunching With Friends

Last week I shared the recipe for the warm pear salad I served at lunch with my friend Hayley last summer. Here we are, chatting ten to the dozen on our patio at home about each other’s work and

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Cheesy Pasta

Cheesy Pasta So here we are, watching the spring blossoms burst into life in the UK and thoughts will soon be turning to different foods. I even enjoyed my first salad of the year at dinner last Wednesday.

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Make Food Fun

  Make Food Fun As I was serving up my new jam tart recipe to hubs last week, he asked for yoghurt as well. An imp got the better of me and I created this silly face, hoping it would make him smile. Healthy

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Recipe For Happiness

Recipe For Happiness Here’s my recipe for happiness. What’s your recipe? January is such a great month to think about life and all its twists and turns, make plans for the year and start taking

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Is Walking Good For You

  Is Walking Good For You Sure it is … if you don’t go for a walk at dusk with my husband! Pnarf. I missed this day in the Facebook group and members who have done the same are taking

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Would You Have Regrets

Would You Have Regrets Why? Forgive me for being so reflective here, but if you were to become unwell because of a condition that was potentially avoidable – to the point where it impacted on your

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Love Is Healthy

Love Is Healthy Love is so important in life and whilst not every relationship we have in our life is necessarily perfect, there’s no doubting that love offers a solid foundation for a happier, healthier

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Laughter Is Happiness

Laughter Is Happiness Today I wanted to revisit a post that received the most views to date I’ve had for my little blog. I wanted to share with you that spontaneity, having fun – and not worrying

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The Story of Kefir

The Story Of Kefir I set you aside and forget you for 48 hours; no nurturing required. Within the curves of those glass walls, magic is being created. The simple orange seal that stops you breathing (I’m

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