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Fresh Pan Fried Fish

Hey You! How’s about this then? There I was on the beach (cash in my pocket, just in case!) and I walked past a fisherman packing up for the day. He dug out 8 beautiful fresh herring for me and into

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Quick Healthy Lunch Idea

Hey Friend! Here’s something speedy for you to make. No recipe included. Just a really simple idea that’s filling and nutritious. You’ll be able to find all sorts of ingredients in your

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My New YouTube Channel

Squeeeee! I’ve launched a new YouTube channel! If you’d like to see all my videos in one place, no searchin’, with some edited down to diddy ones (quicker viewing) please go check this

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Kitchen Drama

Oh Myyyyy. You know when you wake up one day and you realise you simply cannot continue working the way you have done for years? Maybe you would leave your job. Just like that? (It’s not unheard

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Dancing with Broad Beans

Yup. It was always going to happen honey. Hahahaha. Not sure what else to say about this one. It was a spontaneous thung. As you know most of my stuff is. 😉 It’s only around 3 minutes long. Time

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Raw Chocolate Mousse Video Tutorial

Raw Chocolate Mousse Hey Friend! Where did THAT month go?! If you keep an eye on my Facebook page, you’ll be aware that I’m in the depth of a ‘once in a lifetime’ cleanse of my

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New Year Intentions

New Year Intentions We’re already 6 days into this year. Woah! Where did THAT week go?! How do YOU approach January? Do you love it? Or do you see it as the month after Christmas when nothing much

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Gosh, another year has already flown past! Whilst I embrace life with gratitude (little example: relatively young, with silver hair? lucky to be here and have it!) I’m not hugely keen on the passing

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Early Black Friday Offer

Hello Friends! In the approach to Black Friday I wanted to offer you something special before the big scrum! I have just 8 places left, so you’ll need to respond soon if you’d like to chat

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Ginger Biscuits

Ginger Biscuits This week I made a very exciting new ginger biscuits recipe for the book I’m writing. I’d had it in my mind that creating a ginger snap could just be the best biscuit to make.

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