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BBQ’d Food

We have good enough weather to Barbeque. Hoorahhh! Have 41 seconds to share? This is a short video! My husband isn’t a fan of what he likes to call ‘burnt, raw food.’ I’ve never

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Hummus Wraps

Gosh, the seasons race! It feels like summer should be here, but we’re still officially a week away from it. Not that spring exactly overwhelmed us this year. The blooms have been spectacular but

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Irish Soda Bread

Helloooo! This bread will be such a useful addition to your freezer. It’s soft inside, with a lovely crusty exterior, is scrumptious hot from the oven and slices beautifully once cooled to room temperature;

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Sugar Free Chocolate Brownies

Are you a fan of brownies?! I’ve never been drawn to rich chocolate brownies, but since this book I’m writing is about YOU not me, I recently set about to create the perfect brownie. There

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Cauliflower Pizza

I know I’m teasing you! At the moment I’m just writing recipes for the book, so I hope you enjoy seeing some of the first photos and hear a little about the kind of ingredients you’ll

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Beetroot Soup

Hello! In this broadcast I show you  my beet soup and tell you a story about burning my legs!! There’s an organic product that’s very handy to have in stock if you should ever have burning/itching

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Join My Waiting List!

Hey You! It’s time to update you on the latest news! I’m squirreling away, getting lots of new content together for you! There’s going to be a new website, this one is being refreshed

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Lunching With Friends

Last week I shared the recipe for the warm pear salad I served at lunch with my friend Hayley last summer. Here we are, chatting ten to the dozen on our patio at home about each other’s work and

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Warm Pear Salad

Warm Pear Salad Last summer, a lovely Facebook friend and fellow blogger (Hayley from Downs Side Up) visited me one afternoon. With short notice, I changed the menu to the ingredients available in the

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Cheesy Pasta

Cheesy Pasta So here we are, watching the spring blossoms burst into life in the UK and thoughts will soon be turning to different foods. I even enjoyed my first salad of the year at dinner last Wednesday.

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